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1.Gangnam Style[8]Psy2.710July 15, 2012[B]
2.See You Again[11]Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth2.265April 6, 2015[C]
3.Sorry[15]Justin Bieber2.078October 22, 2015[D]
4.Uptown Funk[17]Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars2.044November 19, 2014[E]
5.Blank Space[20]Taylor Swift1.886November 10, 2014[F]
6.Маша плюс каша[23]Get Movies1.848January 31, 2012[G]
7.Hello[26]Adele1.816October 22, 2015[H]
8.Shake It Off[28]Taylor Swift1.789August 18, 2014[I]
9.Bailando[31]Enrique Iglesias featuring Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona1.781April 11, 2014[J]
10.Lean On[34]Major Lazer and DJ Snake featuring 1.780March 22, 2015[K]
11.Wheels on the Bus[37]LittleBabyBum1.701August 9, 2014[L]
12.Roar[39]Katy Perry1.680September 5, 2013[M]
13.All About That Bass[42]Meghan Trainor1.648June 11, 2014[N]
14.Dark Horse[45]Katy Perry featuring Juicy J1.627February 20, 2014[O]
15.Sugar[48]Maroon 51.624January 14, 2015[P]
16.Counting Stars[50]OneRepublic1.567May 31, 2013[Q]
17.Baby[53]Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris1.507February 19, 2010[R]
18.Chandelier[56]Sia1.482May 6, 2014[S]
19.Thinking Out Loud[59]Ed Sheeran1.412October 7, 2014[T]
20.What Do You Mean?[60]Justin Bieber1.397August 30, 2015[U]
21.Love Me Like You Do[61]Ellie Goulding1.331January 22, 2015[V]
22.Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)[62]Shakira featuring Freshlyground1.255June 4, 2010[W]
23.Let Her Go[64]Passenger1.245July 25, 2012[X]
24.Worth It[66]Fifth Harmony featuring Kid Ink1.219March 28, 2015[Y]
25.Love the Way You Lie[68]Eminem featuring Rihanna1.214August 5, 2010[Z]
26.Party Rock Anthem[70]LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock1.211March 8, 2011[AA]
27.Work from Home[72]Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign1.209February 26, 2016[AB]
28.Wake Me Up[74]Avicii1.165July 29, 2013[AC]
29.Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)[76]Silentó1.141June 25, 2015[AD]
30.Rude[77]Magic!1.118December 5, 2013[AE]
31.Propuesta Indecente[79]Romeo Santos1.112September 9, 2013[AF]
32.This Is What You Came For[81]Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna1.063June 16, 2016[AG]
33.Ay Vamos[82]J. Balvin1.060August 29, 2014[AH]
34.Hotline Bling[84]Drake1.058October 26, 2015[AI]
35.Love Yourself[85]Justin Bieber1.017November 14, 2015[AJ]
36.Gentleman[86]Psy1.016April 13, 2013[AK]
37.Rolling in the Deep[88]Adele1.015November 30, 2010[AL]
38.On the Floor[89]Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull1.008March 3, 2011[AM]
39.The Lazy Song[90]Bruno Mars1.007April 15, 2011[AN]
40.Thrift Shop[91]Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz1.003August 29, 2012[AO]
41.Burn[92]Ellie Goulding1.000July 7, 2013[AP]
42.All of Me[93]John Legend0.996October 2, 2013
43.Summer[94]Calvin Harris0.994April 6, 2014
44.Bad Blood[95]Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar0.992May 17, 2015
45.Johny Johny Yes Papa[96]ChuChu TV0.987November 14, 2014
46.The Hills[97]The Weeknd0.969May 27, 2015
47.Let It Go Sing-along[98]Idina Menzel0.940January 30, 2014
48.Hey Mama[99]David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha and Afrojack0.939May 19, 2015
49.Problem[100]Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea0.922May 30, 2014
50.Animals[101]Martin Garrix0.922June 17, 2013
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