Opposition chief Raila Odinga has said he will not take “another” rigged election lying down and termed the presidency the patron of corruption cartels and racketeers.

He fired the warning salvo even as he alleged that the government is acquiring yet another Sh83 billion Eurobond to seal holes in its budget, created by massive looting.

Addressing journalists at his Karen home yesterday, the former Prime Minister said Kenya cannot accept another rigged election. He laughed off arrest warnings by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I have said very clearly that we are democrats. We would like to have a fair game. If we lose fairly, we would accept, but if we lose unfairly, we would not accept … We are saying we are not going to take it lying down this time round,” Raila warned.

On Wednesday, Uhuru accused him of fomenting election violence after the latter protested against what he called massive rigging fraud by the National Intelligence Service.

“We have told him [Uhuru] to spare us that kind of talk. The democracy that we enjoy in this country has come at great cost … We are not about to cede it to the President because he wants to get reelected at all costs,” Raila said.

Uhuru has maintained that he will beat him and the rejuvenated opposition “fair and square” in the August 8 vote.

shifting political landscape

Raila says the political landscape has shifted and Jubilee can no longer claim dominance in regions like Meru.

“There is nothing like Cord or Jubilee stronghold. You saw yesterday when I went to Meru. Would you say that is a Jubilee stronghold? You go to the Rift Valley, a huge chunk of it, would you say it’s a Jubilee stronghold?” he said.

Terming the Jubilee government “Afro Cinema”, Raila said Kenya has returned to the super league of corruption, listed among the 20 most corrupt countries globally.

“As we speak, Jubilee is syndicating $800 million (Sh83 billion) to international bank loans, not for development but to plug the holes that their looting has created,” Raila said.

“In these final days, we can only expect that the presidency, which is the patron of the corruption cartels and racketeers in and around the government, will smoothen the infrastructure for more corruption.”

The latest Transparency International report released on Wednesday ranked Kenya among the most corrupt countries in the world at position 139 out of 168.

There is still controversy on the Sh250 billion Eurobond proceeds that Kenya acquired in 2014, amid claims the government cannot account for more than Sh100 billion.

Auditor General Edward Ouko is yet to give his findings on the proceeds, which have turned into a Jubilee-Cord political battlefront.

Raila said corruption is the only industry doing well in Kenya because companies are retrenching and the stock market is in free fall.

Damning dossiers

He claimed he has a series of damning dossiers against Jubilee that can be very embarrassing to Uhuru.

“There are many more [graft claims] that I have actually not talked about. The President should actually praise me. I have information that can be very embarrassing to him,” Raila said.

“I have just been trying to caution him that, Mr President, this is not good for the country. Instead, he goes around, saying how he is going to humiliate Raila at the next general election. I am ready, Mr President, for your humiliation. You are the one who will end up being very humiliated.”

Raila said the most painful thing about the “Jubilee corruption” is the unfairness of it all to future generations.

It is satanic that every Kenyan child is born with a debt of Sh90,000, he said, while the children of the thieves and the racketeers are being born with a fortune of billions of stolen money.