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Ababu Namwamba was arguably the most outspoken politician in ODM. But of late the Budalangi MP has disappeared from the scene and his wife explains why.

Cord has been organizing anti IEBC demonstrations on a weekly basis and surprisingly its youthful and charismatic ‘commander’ Ababu Namwamba has not been part of the protests.

Ababu’s wife, Priscah Namwamba, has explained why her husband has been conspicuously missing from political arena.

Priscah says Ababu has been taking care of her as she recently gave birth to their third child sometimes in April this year.

“The best Dad ever…he has been there for us since the birth of our baby…proving us with care and love that one requires after delivery… sleepless nights, helping to take care of baby, being supportive as I try to deal with my body and mood swings. You’ve done it all…you are a super cool dad. Nimekuinamia my dear.” Wrote Priscah.

Meanwhile Ababu Namwamba also appeared in parliament yesterday where he revealed he had been on a paternity leave.