By Anwa Sadat
Just like the deliberate fear mongering campaign by Jubile administrations targeting the Kikuyu community about their impending destruction when Raila becomes president, the NIS (not really NIS but special forces) have also been made to believe that the Raila presidency is something for them to fear.

As career soldiers and members of the disciplined forces, they swore to obey orders of the C-I-C: Whether those orders are legal or not. That is why they allegedly executed the orders to Kill Jacob Juma; that is why they allegedily abducted Yebei and killed him; that is why they allegedly poisoned Thuo; that is why they allegedly executed the over 320 Mungiki suspects who were privy to 2007 PEV; that is why they allegedly assassinated JM Kariuki for asking Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to return back the land of Kikuyus he had grabbed; that is why they assassinated Thomas Mboya; that is why they killed Robert Ouko; that is why they killed Joseph Odhiambo Mbai; and that why they killed Saitoti.

What the alleged NIS or the affiliated special forces can not do is help a failing economy; they can not creat jobs to lower the currently high unemployment rate; they do not have money to pay the striking doctors to resume work so as to stop the suffering of Kenyans; they can not mitigate the effects of poor governance and corruption.

Though they may try to help Jubilee, the special force can not prevent an idea whose time has come. Kenyans are feeling the effects of the failed Jubilee administration: from higher taxes, to low wages, to unemployment, to deaths, to corruption. All Kenyans agree that five more years with Jubilee is an existential threat they can not afford.

Let’s therefore note what the special force is doing, but continue with voter registration. It is also time we begun putting out our message: what we seek to do for Kenyans after removing Jubilee from power. Creating jobs, improving healthcare, etc and believe in the goodwill of Kenyans to vote their future.

Kenya is ripe for revolution and it will first be a ballot revolution like it happened in Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia.