By Joseph Githu via Facebook

Yesterday i saw anger, bitterness, desperation and lack of strategy…….

That’s what happens when you allow incompetent people and known looters to run the goverment on your behalf.

The resurrection of the ICC rhetoric is the last kicks of a dying horse.

And the way we had a lot of faith in you, what really happened, who have you been consulting, why are you angry at everything and everyone?

When we criticised you in love, your sycophants branded us rebels, we have stuck with you but your eyes are blind to see us and your ears closed to our cries, we have told you about voter apathy but your handlers are advising us to sleep on voting day, they have dared to buy us a few more blankets……

What if we take the advise of your handlers and decide to sleep on voting day, who will you blame?

When we took you to bomas on that beautiful morning you looked ready, you were a man with a vision, you shook our hands and promised us heaven, we have never seen you ever since……

Are you a man under siege?