Wilkins Fadhili I did not only swindle girls money, I conned them and opened servers! – so what?

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According o a former partner Ms Ruth Ambogo, Fadhili lives with women he hits on and swindles them money and moves on to the next.

In a thread of tweets, Ms Ambogo explains how Fadhili conned her in a partnership where they were supposed to rent an office together.

Through friends, Ambogo at this stage learns that Fadhili had been living a lie, conning those susceptible souls who decided to belief his grass to grace story.

At one time, she found that Fadhili owed over 30 people, who had fallen into his traps.

“I was cooking and sent him to buy tomatoes. Akaacha one of his phones he had two. Mjinga hakuwa na password kwa simu (He left one of his phones since he had two. The fool had no password on his phone). I go through his phone. I found about 30 messages of guys demanding their conned money,” she says.

Well, well, well. Gabriel Oguda had the last word on those commenting adversely over the little matter that Fadhili also opened servers of his unsuspecting victims>>>

That lady was conned. It doesn’t matter whether she had an intimate affair with the con, but the bottomline is that she was conned. When you con someone off the sweat of their brow, and you try use sex as a justification for your actions, it means you know what you’re doing. It is disrespectful. It is wrong.

You took advantage of someone’s vulnerability to con them, knowing too well that if she dares open her mouth you will use your intimate moment with her to shut her down. Mimi ukiniibia it’s fair game. You can even tell the world how you rescued me from walking with open buttocks but if you con me it’s game on.

And you parents. Teach your girls to embrace their sexuality. Teach your girls to call out bullshit for what it is without fear of intimidation. Pollination is the process of transferring pollen grains from the anther to the stigma. There would be no pollination without the anther, same as there would be no pollination without the stigma. So embrace your role in the pollination process without fear of your sexuality, the same way anthers are doing so unapologetically.

Cons are criminals. And must be treated as such.

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