Wicked Britain Sells Stolen Statue Of Egyptian Pharaoh For $6Million At Auction

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It is despicable that even till today, the European, American and Arab world are not ashamed of their centuries of thievery and looting in Africa. Till date, Europeans and their collaborators are making millions of dollars from the heritage, history, and knowledge of Africans. They make these huge revenues from stolen artifacts and scrolls, meaning that they are not remorseful or sorry about their evil adventure in Africa.

For over 1,000 years, Europeans and Arabs invaded and plundered ancient Egypt, stole and carted away statues and artifacts. Despite the fact that the present Egyptian government (which is also a false representation of ancient Egypt), have asked for the return of many stolen artifacts, Europeans collectors have refused to do so.

Recently, the statue of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which is around 3,000 years old, was sold in London for more than $6million (£4.7 million). It was sold at an auction, even though Egyptian authorities reported to the world that the statue was stolen/taken by Europeans around the 1970s and the 1980s.

The statue is that of the Egyptian God Amen ra when he was but a boy. It was displayed and auctioned by the Christie auction house in London, without the permission of the original owner who are Africans, or the current inhabitants of Egypt, who are Arabs who invaded the land and laid claim to the Black ancestry of Egypt.

In the usual state of damage to the nose and ear of Egyptian relics, the 11-inch statue was sold by a European private collection of Egyptian arts named Rosandro. No matter how sleek the Europeans try to paint the nature and name of this private collection, it is obvious to Africans that they are thieves and rogues who plundered Africa and took away her most prized jewels and artifacts.

The Arab-Egyptian government, also, in their bid to reclaim Black artifacts that is not theirs, have demanded that legitimate documentation for ownership of the statue be presented by the London auction house. Egypt is originally Black, like many students of African history know, but today, the Arabs who run it, are demanding that the statue be returned, according to a law Egypt introduced in 1983 which banned the removal of ancient Black artifacts from the country.

“Here we have a thief asking another thief to return the property which the initial thief stole from the real owner of the house – Black Africans.”

Despite protests, the auction house in London went ahead to sell the statue, claiming that the statue had never been subject to any previous investigation of the theft. Of course, how can there be a report of theft, when Europe and Arabia invaded Africa and stole massively on many fronts, and killed the original Black owners. Who will report the theft? The murdered custodians or their children who know little or nothing about these artifacts? Your guess is as good as ours.

In their defense of the theft, the auction house, Christie, said in a statement that “The object is not, and has not been, the subject of an investigation”.

The Telegraph reports that “The bust was sold after a rapid bidding process. Its price rose rapidly from a starting bid of £3 million ($3.8 million) to the £4.7 million ($6 million) it was sold for”.

A spokesperson for the auction house further added that “This was a rare, beautiful and important work.”

“We recognize that historic objects can raise complex discussions about the past, yet our role today is to work to continue to provide a transparent, legitimate marketplace upholding the highest standards for the transfer of objects”.

“There is an honorable market for ancient art and we believe it is in the public interest that works come out into the open with the opportunity for them to be researched, as well as seen and enjoyed by global audiences.”

There is an accusation by a former Antiquities minister of Egypt which said that the statue of Pharaoh Tutankhamun was stolen from the Karnak Temple around the 1970s by European Egyptologists and their agents. But as usual, the London auction house denied it, which is the custom of the Europeans.

This theft and sale were brought up in CNN, and the spokesman for the London auction house had this to say: “the statue was acquired from Munich-based dealer Heinz Herzer in 1985 and was previously owned by Joseph Messina and Prinz Wilhelm von Thurn und Taxis. The spokesperson added: “Ancient objects by their nature cannot be traced over millennia.”

From the above statement, any unbiased mind would spot the lies and deceits. It is obvious that wealthy Europeans and government officials, if not the Queen of England, sponsored the invasion of Egypt and theft of this ancient relic. And from time to time, it has been sold and passed from one European to the other.


For some years now, African nations, tribes, and governments have intensified their demand for the return of hundreds of thousands of artifacts, statues, monuments, and treasures, that were stolen by Europeans and Arabs during the invasion and colonization of Africa.

Few of these artifacts and relics have been returned, while more than 98% of them are still held by European governments, private collectors, museums and royalties.

Africans and African governments must rise up and demand the return of these ancient artifacts as they are part of who we are – part of our heritage. We owe it to the generations yet unborn, to reclaim our stolen rights and mandates from the vandals and vampires of this world.

By libertywritersafrica

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