William Ruto strategy will float before 2022..He s financing big fishes who might turn against him in the long run.. William Ruto s dealing with Bishops people who are morally unfit to speak about anything to do with Politics or campaign for anyone..He s also paying mps,Mcas and some other Political rejects, the likes of Bony Khalwale just to mention one..He has failed to finance his main lobby group termed as friends of Ruto movement because he see them as hopeless people trying to ride on his name(kamati ya roho chafu detected)..The guy believes in witch hanting politics and propaganda.He doesn’t recognize the poor though he call himself a hustler just to fool the people..If you are a hustler buying into his ideas then know that you are the most stupid person in the country.

We should practice Politics of ideologies,policies and manifesto..I don’t support Raila or anyone else currently but the country is under the leadership of economic terrorists.. William Ruto could be good but his ideologies makes him more worse than the current handshake leadeship.#SayNoToUjinga