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Why Qatar is a Rich Nation Narration by David Ole Songok Kenyan MP

I am in Qatar and the country is beautiful with the best infrastructure,
I’m really amazed,
How a tiny country would have the biggest Airport to compete with Dubai Airport and other well known international Airports.

It’s planes flies to Kenya six times daily that is twice to Mombasa and four times to Nairobi,
Almost 500 Kenyans are working in Qatar airline and Doha Hamad international Airport.

The country buys one aeroplane every month and opens a new landing base worldwide monthly,
I hope they will open Ewaso Ngiro airport as their landing base soon.

Qatar airlines have 160 aeroplanes.

This is a country with a population of 350,000 people and 2 million immigrants,
35,000 Kenyans are part of the immigrant workers.

Just imagine it’s population and size is smaller than Narok County, yet it is an economic power house.

This country was being sponsored by Somalia in the late 90s,
Somalia was their main donor,
Somalia was paying for its army,
This country discovered oil and gas in 2000 when I was elected SONU President,

Since then they have built their country.
The country is literally 15 years old and all what you see is newly built including the airport,
All aeroplanes are less than 10 years old.

The country is at per with western countries because it does not entertain corruption,
All citizens are responsible,
Police don’t take bribes,
Citizens don’t give bribes,
Businessmen do not give kickbacks to win tenders,
Procurement officers don’t demand bribes in exchange of tenders,

Every Qatar citizen love his or her country,
They are patriotic,
They don’t blame leaders instead they respect them.
It’s citizens know that it is not leaders who give bribes,
They know it is not leaders who receive bribes,
Hence in Qatar the war against corruption start with the citizens themselves.

I am amazed by what patriotism, commitment and good governance can build in less than 20 years.
My dress code is a coded message for Kenyans to become patriotic.
Patriotism can kill corruption,
Patriotism can kill ethnicity,
Patriotism can kill nepotism,
Patriotism can kill politics of hatred,
Patriotism can build our nation in 10 years.

If Kenyans become patriotic,
They will not give or receive bribes,
They will respect the rule of law,
They will know Suswa is part of our country not nowhere,
They will help their own President to build a united developed nation.

Qatari’s media knew Qatar is in the middle of the desert but it is somewhere,
Qatari’s media knew that their country is in the desert but didn’t object the construction of the airport in the desert because they knew their country is not nowhere,
Qatari’s media didn’t object construction of the subways and railway lines because they knew their country is not nowhere.

Qatar is phenomenal country,
Tiny as it is it’s economy grow every day in leaps and bounds,

Doha is an amazing business hub,
A tiny country reclaimed from once uninhabitable desert,
A tiny country reclaimed from the sea yet Kenya is busy demolishing houses because of raperian,
Today the country is basking in glory while it’s sponsor (Somalia) has gone to the dogs the African way,

What is wrong with countries in Africa?
It can be argued Qatar discovered oil but so did Nigeria and Sudan yet there are nowhere in economic power like this tiny desert country,

I’m thinking of our Country Kenya,
What should we do right now that we have oil in Turkana?
We failed in our country to manage our own airline while Qatar airways is reaping profits,

Africa is a blessed continent,
Yet for years and years it’s countries are rated third world countries,
Maybe their citizens are also termed third in intellect,
Very harsh to imagine yet Africans are known to be very intelligent,

As I ponder and imagine,
As I try to compare this beautiful tiny desert country and ours,
I try to put in writing my imaginations,
What really ails Africa?
What really is wrong with my country with over 40m people that it has been overtaken by a tiny desert country barely 15 years old?

What really should be done right?

I will come back home with full list of questions and answers in my mind.

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