Now I feel like asking this group of new age movement who hate everything from themselves to loans to their partners thinking that by doing that, they’re more civilized and concerned. No wonder most of them are afraid to settle.

Okay, Kenya didn’t secure the loan to extend SGR to Malaba. I know you’re ignorantly happy.

Sasa tell us where we are going to get the money to do the thing because we must do this thing to Kisumu!
There is no way a Luhya, Luo and Kisii of Western Kenya will continue paying trillions worth of loans that never benefited them and their people.
This was going to be the first obvious one to bridge the gap and catch up with Central and Rift Valley who over the years have consumed more than 4 trillion of loans.

Go to some parts of this country like Baringo and see goats sleeping on tarmacked roads as people dry and roast maize on these roads because they don’t know their use nor the pain of repaying the loans used to construction these roads.

Tell us where we must get this money, kama ile tu kidogo ya 1.5% mmenyeeeeta sana.
Tell us coz we want the SGR.
Give us options.