Reality slowly sinking in….this guy William Ruto is campaigning for a position which will not be there in 2022. OVERRATED!

As a common voter, how will you vote for overrated William Ruto in a parliamentary system? I am glad that most people in Baringo have realized that Baringo will provide only six (6) out of two ninety (290) votes in a parliamentary system!

A classic example of the term haitoshi gorogoro & the reason why we should stop Ruto worship because he is headed to the opposition and we can’t follow him there!

William Ruto will be rendered irrelevant if at least a third of Mt Kenya breakaway and join the coming new coalition.

KAMATUSA, Aisha, Khalwale influence & a divided GEMA will not make him raise the requisite 11million votes maybe 3 or 5max!

Hn. Weston Wanjohi

Patron- GEMA-K