• In response to the recent dusit attack, Kenyans have taken a jibe at Muslims citing their constant involvement in such activities. Let me clarify one or two things.
    1. These attacks won’t stop now or tomorrow and let’s face it. We all know they are linked to alshabab who are from Somali. These guys will stop at nothing other than Kenyan government removing their soldiers from Somali. What are Kenyan soldiers doing in Somali? Why can’t America sent its own soldiers? We’ve all been treated to stories of Kenyan soldiers selling charcoal in Somali and much more of which none involves peace.
    2. This is not a religious war or death. These guys aren’t doing this for Islam, no matter how misled you have been made to believe. Kenya as a country hasn’t mistreated or forbade Muslims to practice Islam. So why would it be a religious fight? This is a move to let the world know they want their land back. It’s simple…. let the Kenyan soldiers come back home. How else would they say this? These people just don’t want Kenyan soldiers in Somali.
    3. We should learn to have full details before we go 100% judgemental. These guys are Kenyans from the money lovers Kikuyu community who were recruited and given guns to come and attack their own country of which they did. And some would be like they have Muslim names, yeah they do but they are not fighting for Islam. They have been sent by alshabab because the alshabab looks are now conspicuous and can’t go far before they get arrested. But locals can get away with things like this. Alshabab wants Kenyan soldiers to leave Somali. Why does this seem so hard for anyone to understand?