What is the Cost of Building Two Bedroom House in Kenya

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A two Bedroom house in Kenya can cost as high as Ksh1 million and as low as Ksh300,000 depending on various factors. Some of the factors that contribute to high or low cost include;

  1. Location
  2. Cost of materials
  3. Labour costs
  4. Availability of water
  5. Design of the house
  6. The size of rooms

Most people who have constructed such a house quote Ksh600,000 to Ksh1 million as the actual price. But we have a quotation from a reliable construction company that breaks down the cost of constructing a two-bedroom house in Kenya.

House setting—Ksh2,000

Foundation excavation—Ksh10,000

Foundation blinding—Ksh 5,000

Foundation walling—Ksh 37,000

Foundation backfilling—Ksh13,000

Slab—Ksh 10,000

Block work—Ksh 80,000

Ring beam—Ksh 35,000

Roofing—Ksh 40,000

Doors,windows and frames fixing—Ksh 15,000

Plastering—Ksh 120,000

Total cost —Ksh 367,000

You can spend more if you prefer better quality materials and executive finishing. The price can shoot up to Ksh2 million if your fundis are not honest. It’s always good to have someone in the site to monitor the work.

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