If you own or operate a website, you’ve more than likely heard of the term SEO link building. But what exactly does it mean, how can it help your business and should you be concerned with incorporating SEO link building techniques into your website? Let’s take a look…What is SEO link building?

In the world of digital marketing, SEO link building (short for search engine optimisation) plays a hugely important role in upping the credibility of websites, helping them win a place further up the search engine result lists and increasing website traffic.

SEO links essentially create paths and networks between sites that search engines then use to determine how webpages are connected to each other and determine which are the most popular and important. This link analysis has been refined by search engine companies and today, uses sophisticated algorithms and complex analysis techniques in order to derive evaluations.

How is credibility determined?

While content is also important, links still play a significant role in upping credibility. In general, trustworthy sites will usually embed links directing browsers to other trustworthy sites. This means that their SEO ranking is instantly boosted. In comparison, spammy and untrustworthy sites will receive very little in the way of credible links that will not improve their position in search engine results. That said, search engines will also evaluate the value and relevance of links which means that, when developing an SEO link building strategy, linked sites must add value to the overall browser experience. Customers will also become suspicious and distrustful if your links seem unnatural, forced and irrelevant. By enlisting the help of the SEO link building gurus at DigitalNext, you can ensure that your SEO link building strategy is 100% optimised and custom designed to suit the individual needs of your business.

How can it help my business?

At the end of the day, implementing an effective and strategic SEO link building strategy will help your business increase its online visibly and drive more traffic to your site. With an ever increasing number of consumers now turning to the internet to make purchases, it is essential that your business wins itself a high ranking when keywords are typed into search engines. Whether you provide a product or a service, a bespoke SEO link building strategy from an expert company such as DigitalNext will help you increase your target audience, pull more customers and ultimately, increase your bottom line.

What will DigitalNext consider?

Unlike many other digital agencies, DigitalNext understands that an SEO link building campaign involves far more than simply linking websites to trustworthy sites. The experienced team adopts a multi-tiered approach to link building that encompasses finding relevant content, locating promising prospects, emailing potential partners with attention grabbing content, creating a social media buzz, optimising existing website content and adhering to the all-important Google Webmaster Guidelines. Below are just some of the ways in which a DigitalNext SEO link building package will help your business!

Development of relevant content

The expert team will conduct extensive research into your industry and use the results to develop valuable content that will attract high-quality links from trustworthy sources.


After reviewing all content, the DigitalNext team will showcase it to relevant external parties in order to build a network of credible permanent links to your site.

Quash your competitors

By identifying specific areas in which competitors are making profit, the DigitalNext SEO experts will help you develop an effective strategy that will blow them out the water.