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Vera Sidika Biography

Vera Sidika Mung’asia (Vera Sidika Mung’asia) is a Kenyan television and social media personality, celebrity, video vixen entrepreneur, and socialite. She gained media attention in her career when she appeared in P-Unit’s single, “You Guy”, released in 2012. She has been voted as one of Africa’s and East Africa’s top video vixens.

She is regarded as one of Kenya’s most controversial women due to her extraordinary and lavish lifestyle and unique opinions about life in general. She and her fellow socialites began to appear in the reality television series Nairobi Diaries in 2015. She attracted a lot of attention after her break up with her former boyfriend Otilr Brown who is also a musician.

She is currently a co host in the reality tv show in Kenya titled Hello Mr Right that premieres in Kenya on Star Times.

Vera Sidika Age

Vera Sidika was born 30th September 1989 ( 30 years as at 2019)

Vera Sidika Real Name

Vera Sidika’s real name is Veronica Shikuku Shikwekwe, she reveals this on her Instagram page.

Vera Sidika Net Worth

Vera Sidika Networth is approximated to $ 2.5 million, She owns a number of expensive cars, jewelleries and her owns business investments.

Vera Sidika Photo
Vera Sidika Photo

Vera Sidika Parents – Vera Sidika Family

Much is not known about Vera’s background but  David Mungasia is an alleged brother to the socialite and she is the first born in their family thus the only girl.

Vera Sidika Boyfriend

She  once had a Nigerian boyfriend. Though their romance was not in the public eye. Vera Sidika was also rumored to be dating a top African leader. Vera was in another relationship with Otile Brown,  aka Bad Man Shivo, had been dating Vera Sidika for a couple of months then and even released a song after pulling a publicity stunt, deceiving Kenyans that he had broken up with Vera Sidika. Few weeks later after the song became a hit the couple seemed to have called it quits.

Vera Sidika Career

She started off her career at the age of 17 when she modeled as a plus-size model where she participated in contests and fashion shows.

Vera later moved to Nairobi in 2009 where she joined Kenyatta University with an intention to pursue her studies in Art and Design; this gave her an opportunity to fully take her career to the next level.

Vera Sidika rose to fame in 2012 when she featured as the video girl in P-Unit’s single “You Guy”. This catapulted her career to greater heights as she got more in 2014, she appeared in Prezzo’s single, “My Gal”

In November 2015, she appeared as a video vixen in Nigerian musicians KCEE, Skiibii, and Harrysong song titled “Ebaeno”.

She has also graced The New York Post and BBC Africa platforms.

Vera Sidika – Veetox Tea

In May 22nd, 2017 she launched detox tea, Veetox Tea. Veetox is a herbal detox that helps reduce bloating, cleanse the digestive system, improve metabolism and burns belly fat.

Veetox Regular aids more in burning belly fat, while Veetox Extra help loses full body weight some people may use the bathroom 6 to 8 hours after using the tea. This is the process of cleansing the body’s system and it will slowly disappear, the reason being as a first-time user there is a lot of toxins accumulated in your body that needs to be eliminated first. Then once your body is cleansed bowel movements gradually fades as
the tea now works towards maintenance/maintaining and avoids food from being converted to fat.

Vera Sidika Tribe

Vera is from the Luhya Tribe

Vera Sidika New Song

Vera Sidika Boobs – Vera Sidika Gets Breast Implant

Laying low has never been Vera Sidika’s style and barely two months after causing a stir with her lightened skin, the socialite is back…with bigger boobs. Turns out that while she was away, Vera was busy growing her bust. She debuted her new acquisitions on her Instagram page. This came as a shock to many seeing how her bust earlier was pretty damn good. Clearly, nothing is too big for Sidika.

Vera Sidika Vs Huddah Monroe Beef

The socialites say their constant beef may be a ploy between them to make sure they remain relevant in social media and in the blogs. They want bloggers to constantly write about them which is good for their businesses.

In early 2016 Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika took many by surprise after they ended their perennial beef going on to open up about their undying desire to smash each other but strangely in April 2016 Huddah wanted to slit Vera’s throat. In this new twist of events, Huddah Monroe took to the social media to threaten Queen Vee and called her all sorts of names.

Huddah Monroe attacked Vera Sidika for bleaching her skin saying she used River Road concoction to lighten her skin. She claims Vera Sidika’s skin had been adversely affected that’s why she couldn’t walk in bright sunlight.

They have always tried to outdo each other in public as to who is the hottest socialite in Kenya.

Vera Sidika Bed

Vera spends her millions buying a bed worth Sh1, 000,000 bed. Although many Kenyans would ask for the money instead, Vera seems to be happy with her expensive bed.

Things You Didn’t Know About Vera Sidika AKA Vee S Beiby

  1. Vera Sidika, known as queenveebosset was born September 30th, 1989 in Mombasa, Kenya
  2. Vera Sidika, goes by the name Vee S Beiby  as her stage name
  3. She is the first of three children and the only girl.
  4. Vera has a Degree in Interior Design at Kenyatta University.
  5. Vera Sidika quit her education to focus on her career as a Fashionista, Model, Socialite and also an Entrepreneur
  6. She moved to Nairobi in 2009 since admission at the University which is Kenyatta University
  7. Vera Sidika is famed for posting photos of her voluptuous backside on social media.
  8. Vera owns a beauty parlour and a detox tea brand.
  9. She has a successful career in Modelling, photo shoots, runways, commercials and making appearances in major events.
  10. She made skin lightening trend in Kenya ‘explode’.
  11. Vera’s Left-hand tattoo is written her nickname “Vee”
  12. Vera Sidika has travelled to more than 10 countries.
  13. Vee likes Swimming as she has been spotted having fun playing with a Dolphin.
  14. Vee is a soccer fan and often she does watch some matches.

Vera Sidika Businesses

  • She owns the Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor located in westlands
  • Vera Sidika is famed for posting photos of her voluptuous backside on social media. Vera charges range is about $2,500 (Sh. 217,000) per hour in events, but its very negotiable when it comes to music videos, where she claims that she even get more than that.
  • Vera Sidika is the owner of Veetox herbal detox, which is a detox that promotes stomach fat burning, reduce bloating, improves metabolism and cleanses digestive system.
  • Vee s Beiby has been tricked online and on social media into agreeing to get intimate with rich foreign men in exchange for money. So it is assumed that when she makes her foreign trips she goes to meet her ‘sponsors’ in exchange for huge sums of money.

Vera Sidika Car

Vera is apparently Kenya’s richest socialite Vera Sidika earns big and spends big. She has a number of expensive German cars and today we will focus on her BMW X5 it retails at around sh6.5 million and it has 300 – 400hp.

Vera Sidika car
Vera Sidika car

Vera Sidika House

Vera owns a Penthouse where she lives in Kileleshwa and also has land in Kilifi. Vera has now added a very high end crib just for herself. She said she used to rent a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani for Ksh3,500 and now she uses that as airtime for her mobile phone.

She said:

“Life is indeed a journey, you never wake up & have it all perfect! You need to feel the struggle & pain & be Patient before seeing better days. I remember when I came to Nairobi I used to live in a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani Ksh. 3,500 monthly. It was the Living Room, Dining, Bedroom,Kitchen,Bathroom all in one squeezed space…and today Ksh. 3,500 is what I’d use on call credit daily. See how God works! Prayer; Major Key”

Vera Sidika House

Vera Sidika Bleaching – Vera Sidika Bleaching Procedure

Vera Sidika Breaching
Vera Sidika Before And After Bleaching Photos

Vera Sidika was a pretty, beautiful, and true definition of an African woman before someone lied to her that she would rule the world if she were a “mzungu”.

In 2014, Vera Sidika accepted the fact that she had lightened her skin in the UK. But she refuted claims that the procedure used to bleach her skin was not safe and could affect her medically.

She shocked her fans when she said that the bleaching procedure cost her over ksh 15 million. She says, “My body is my business and it is a money-maker.

Skin bleaching has become a fashionable trend in Kenya as many ladies have turned to bleaching in the name of being sexy.

Vera Sidika Twerking Video

 Vera Sidika Exposed

This one involved the queen Vee herself, Vera Sidika. Apparently, stories of her having a rich Nigerian boyfriend that caters to her half a million shilling weave and skin ‘lightening’ procedures as she likes to call them is just a complete lie and she earns her millions by sleeping around.

A certain Instagram account that goes by the name of The Seeker of Truth pretended to be a potential client looking to hirer Vera’s services(get my drift). He played her a fool claiming to reside in Dubai and offered to pay her way to where he was for a week of crazy lovemaking.

As expected Vera jumped at the opportunity and as much as it saddens me to say this, Vera is really an expensive service provider. For a whole week, one had to pay close to Ksh 1.4million to get a piece of her.

Vera Sidika Pregnant

Socialite Vera Sidika elated a section of her fans over the week by showing off a baby bump and posting ultra sound photos of her claimed ‘pregnancy’. She made the announcement on 1st April 2018 that she is pregnant.

Later on Monday, Vera declared that she is not pregnant and the posts were part of her April Fool Day prank.

“Good morning sweethearts. I would love to take this opportunity to let y’all that still don’t know, know that the ultrasound I posted on April fools was as fake as my silicone. But then again, I am so overwhelmed by the heartfelt messages Y’all sent. It was surreal!” She posted on her Instagram.

Vera Sidika Instagram

Vera Sidika Facebook


Vera Sidika Twitter

7 Reasons Why Vera Is Kenya’s Very Own Kim Kardashian

Lets start with what is blatantly obvious:

1. The Booty

Both girls have some serious booty and they are not afraid to flaunt it. Vera’s booty full appearance in P-Unit’s video ‘You Guy ‘propelled her into fame and who can forget how Kim’s infamous tape with Ray J propelled her from a state of obscurity to worldwide fame?

2. They are smart

Unlike most socialites who live for the moment and seem lost and caught up in the high life, Vera and Kim are smart and have managed to use their new found fame to build a brand name. Vera and Kim have managed to brand themselves not only in their countries but internationally. We are all aware of DASH a clothing line set up by Kim and her sisters;
Vera’s business endeavors, however, remain a bit sketchy but its alleged that she gets paid quiet a lump some for her video appearances.

3. They are both cover girl material.

Kim’s appearance on the cover of Playboy magazine grossed one of the highest sales in Playboy history. Vera Sidika is set to grace the cover of one of America’s best selling publications King Magazine that showcases only the best booties
in the world. The fact that she was the first Kenyan socialites picked, is an achievement in itself. If Vera appears on the cover, she will be joining sexy women such as Melissa Ford, Nicki Minaj, and Trina.

4. They are both popular.

We ran a Ghafla poll to find out who was your favorite socialite in Kenya and Vera won by a landslide. Kim Kardashian has a firm grasp on social media with approximately 18.6 Million followers on Twitter.

5. They are both fashionable. In terms of style

Vera Sidika is by far the most stylish socialite in Kenya and we all know Kim has one of those put together outfits that are guaranteed to land her a moment on the spotlight

6. Thy first garnered media attention through friends turned foes. For Kim, it was fellow socialite Paris Hilton and for Vera it was socialite turned businesswoman Huddah Monroe.

7. They both have very catchy names the kind of names you do not forget easily. Who can forget a name like Kim Kardashian or Vera Sidika?

Vera Sidika Photos – Vera Sidika Images- Vera Sidika Pictures

vera sidika image

Vera Sidika Interview on Kiss Fm

Vera Sidika Latest News

30th March, 2019

Ugandan hunk Rnaze, real name Moses Mukiibi, seems to have moved on from his nasty break up with Kenyan Vlogger Natalie Tewa. On Thursday, Rnaze and Tewa were the talk of town over revelations that they had parted ways over allegations of cheating. Videos also surface showing how Rnaze unceremoniously kicked Tewa out of the house. Later in the evening, Rnaze was spotted partying with socialite Vera Sidika in Nairobi at a local strip club. They were joined by singer Kagwe Mungai. Vera shared several shot clips of the three together via her Insta stories.

She claimed to have known Rnaze since 2011. “Happy birthday to a real one since day one…Time flies, can’t believe we’ve known each other for eight years now,” wrote Vera on the Insta stories. The socialite went ahead to share a photo alongside Rnaze and a group of ladies during her housewarming party in 2011. “My Kileleshwa house warming party in 2011 was the talk of town…Rnaze was feeling like a pimp here,” she captioned the image.

The Ugandan hunk also posted on his Insta stories having the time of his life, with lots of drinks, strippers at the club and sitting cozily with Vera whom he described as an old friend. The news of the breakup hit social media after Rnaze took to Instagram to reveal that the two are no longer together.


Vera Sidika’s photos looking old and worn out after makeup fail goes viral

Popular socialite Vera Sidika has always left a ton of men lovestruck thanks to her immeasurable beauty and unmatched charm.

However, Kenyans were left dumbstruck after a photo of the voluptuous vixen looking a bit older and slightly tired made rounds on social media. 2

After a famed love affair Otile Brown Dumps Vera Sidika this is why.

Musician Otile Brown speaks out on his breakup with socialite Vera Sidika through a newly released hit song “Niache” that revealed shocking details of their seven months relationships. He claims of a possible abortion row. The singer wonders why the woman he dumped still hates him despite knowing the reasons for ending the relationship.

Otile says he has however chosen to remain silent on the breakup because he is a man of few words.

“…Ungenishatoa roho neneo lako lingekuwa sharia.Tena ni dhahiri unanichukiya japo sijui ni kwa nini maana sababu zangu za kuondoka unazijua.Tena ni za msingi. Tatizo hisia zangu haziheshimiwi. Mam nakujua”

He further goes on to explains why he had to dump the girl.

“Mama wewe acha kuzuga, Usijifanye kama hujui, tatizo mimba yangu ulioitoa. Mimi niacheni. Msione nipo kimya mwenzenu nina mengi acha nilie na moyo wangu maneno maneno mimi sipendi..”

Bad Man Shivo, as Otile Brown calls himself, goes ahead to hit on the woman over claims that he never loved. He maintains that the woman was never grateful and that she found him already doing well in his music career.

“Tena hauna shukran utasemaje sikukupenda, Nikutumie kwa msingi gani wakati ulinikuta na tesa…”

After the split, Vera Sidika took to Instagram where in a long post stated she did not know what were the reasons for him dumping her despite being faithful to him and always supporting of his music career.

Adopted from: Nairobi News

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