Albert Waiganjo

Whenever Uhuru Kenyatta is threatened like it happened during the ICC trials, Al shabaab and grenades are always everywhere killing Kenyans. This happened during the ICC/ Uhuru trials. When the ICC finally dropped charges against Uhuru, the painful grenades miraculously disappeared from Nairobi streets. This implies that when Uhuru is happy, Kenya is happy too.

Right now Uhuru is not happy – he is staring defeat in this year’s Presidential elections due to corruption and state-sanctioned extra-judicial killings. As expected Al shabaab is back on duty and in cahoots with Uhuru Kenyatta. Last night it killed 57 Kenya defense forces in Somalia.

Fools can call it coincidence and far-fetched but House majority leader Aden Duale once said that he keeps a secret list of Al shabaab operatives in Uhuru’s government. Uhuru did not ask his friend Duale to account for his outbursts. This is a bad red flag.

Uhuru Kenyatta has started killing Kenyans and will not stop until he is assured of winning the 2017 elections. Expect more Uhuru grenades to scare Kenyans into voting his way this season and conveniently blame it on Al shabaab.

Uhuru is a murderer.