Types of Family Bank Loans in Kenya and how to apply and repay

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How do I pay my family bank wallet loan? Repay PesaPap loan

  1. Open the app.
  2. Login.
  3. Select PesaPap wallet.
  4. Select my loans.
  5. Select repay loan.
  6. Choose source,loan account, amount to repay or choose partial or full repayment.
  7. Proceed.

Sometimes in life we get stuck financially and are left wondering what to do or how to go about it. Worry not because we are going to share different types of Family Bank loans that may be of great help.

Types of Family Bank Loans

1. Check-off Loans

These loans are only given to employees whose employers who have sat down and signed an MOU agreement with Family Bank in order to process loan facilities. The monthly installments are normally paid direct to the bank.


  1. Repayment of loan is monthly and the period is up to 6 years (72 months).
  2. Insurance cover incase one dies or incurs permanent disability.
  3. There are no hidden costs and 52 years is the age limit.
  4. Check-off agreements are agreed with the different institutions by the headquarter and branches are instructed appropriately.
  5. Before the relationship takes place, an MOU needs to be signed.
  6. Upon request there will be top-ups.
  7. Availability of loan buy-offs.
  8. Appealing loan amounts of up to Ksh. 3 million.


  1. Competitive interest rates charges.
  2. Processing and disbursement of loan is fast and systematic.
  3. Payment of fees is on time.
  4. Account holders and non account holders have easy and fast source of money for either capital investment or personal development.


  1. Duly completed application forms.
  2. Last 3 months pay slips for applicants. They should be certified.
  3. Applicants should present 3 certified copies of National ID and 2 recent passport size colored photos.
  4. KRA PIN certificate for the applicant.
  5. 3 latest original bank statements showing salary received for the past 3 months.
  6. Names of the applicant should be the same in all documents presented.

2. Salary Loans

This type of loan is given to account holders who have regular salary. It can be used for paying school fees, clearing medical bills or purchase of household items among other things.


  1. Upon request one will be issued with top-ups.
  2. Repayment of loan is monthly and the duration is up to 2 years (24 months).
  3. Insurance cover incase one dies or incurs permanent disability.
  4. Competitive interest rates charges.


  1. Payment of fees is always on time.
  2. Your monthly income will act as the security.
  3. Processing and disbursement of loan is fast and systematic.


  1. Employees who have monthly salary should their income through Family Bank.

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