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The National Transport and safety Authority (NTSA) has made things easier for you in the event that you want to transfer your motor vehicle ownership.  You can do it online though the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS). All you need to do is follow the following steps;

  • Go to the NTSA web portal using the link https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/login_csp.jsp.
  • Click on Register an Account to add your details and follow the registration process. Both the buyer and seller must register for this account to make the motor vehicle transfer possible.
  • Ensure that you click on Subscribe SMS located at the top right hand side of your screen for receiving a security code and other notifications for the purpose of this process.
  • After clicking on Register an Account, you can select to register as an Individual/dealer/ Agent/ Financial Institution or company
  • Enter your ID Serial Number (Not ID number), Mother’s Maiden Name and KRA PIN
  • Next, Add your Occupation and Phone Number (Skip the email verification, its optional and takes time to verify)
  • Request a verification Code by clicking on the button next to the phone number. Remember that you must subscribe first for an SMS notification as indicated above.
  • Once you get the code, add it on the verification tab and you are through with the registration process.
  • After registration, sign in to your account using the link: https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/login_csp.jsp.
  • Enter your login details using the indicated login method this is either ID number for an individual and Username or Certificate of incorporation for companies
  • Enter your password
  • Click on send code and key in the pop up SECURITY CODE sent to your mobile phone
  • Click SIGN IN to log in into the system
  • Click on the Vehicle Registration Button
  • Proceed to Apply For Transfer Of Ownership
  • Click on Create New
  • Type the registration number of the vehicle you want to transfer
  • Click on inquire to see the basic information of the vehicle to be transferred and its original owner
  • Click View to see particulars of the vehicle
  • Upload a scanned copy of the log book
  • Under NEW VEHICLE OWNERS, the seller should select Individual/Non individual/Financier then enter the details of the buyer. The buyer details can be ab individual, financial institution or company. For individuals enter National ID/ Alien ID and PIN, for financial institution/company enter PIN and click on the ADD button
  • Select Mobile and click Send Verification Code, and then enter the verification code sent to your mobile number
  • Tick on disclaimer displayed

Once the seller clicks on SUBMIT, the buyer shall receive an SMS notification, to notify them that a vehicle has been transferred to them and they are required to accept the ownership.

To ACCEPT/DECLINE transfer, the buyer should log in to the web portal https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/login_csp.jsp

Once logged in, click on ACCEPT OWNERSHIP and enter the REGISTRATION NUMBER and click on INQUIRE.

Click VIEW to see the particulars of the vehicle.

Under SECURITY VERIFICATION, select the VERIFICATION MODE (MOBILE) and click SEND VERIFICATION CODE. A verification code shall be sent to the buyer’s mobile phone.

Fill in the Verification code sent to your mobile phone and click Accept or Decline on the transfer. Once you select decline the vehicle REVERTS back to the seller.

Once you ACCEPT, you are required to fill out all relevant information required. Then, Click SUBMIT for the application to be forwarded to NTSA for processing and issuing of a logbook within seven working days.

  1. Buyer and seller MUST have an account on TIMS
  2. Both buyer and seller MUST subscribe to receive an SMS Code
  3. Those with an e-citizen account can use their usernames and passwords to log on to TIMS and to update accordingly.
  4. Enquiries can be sent through the free NTSA APP which is available on google play store

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