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Spanish La Liga is one of the four most prestigious national football leagues in the world. Its popularity is manifested mainly in the rivalry between the two giants – FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These clubs have been competing each other for leadership in Spain for a long time and each of their matchups is called “el classico”. Real Madrid is the most successful team in the country so far, which is confirmed by football results today on football statistics websites.

 For a long time, the main contenders for the championship title in the Spanish league were only two clubs :

  • FC Barcelona 
  • Real Madrid. 

However, other teams also became champions of La Liga. Previously, Valencia FC won the championship in the 2003/04 and 2001/02 seasons, and Deportivo La Coruña – in the 1999/00 season. In total, the Spanish football championship was won by only 9 teams in the entire history. In addition to the aforementioned clubs, these were the following teams:

But mostly, the table of the Spanish football league is dominated by two giants. :

  • FC Barcelona and Real Madrid almost always exchange national titles on a regular basis. 
  • Two teams are situated permanently at the top of the La Liga table, according to today’s football results. 

The major advantage of the Spanish league over the German, Italian or French league is that there are two teams competing for the first place, and there is no clear favorite.

Who plays in the Spanish Premier nowadays?
But in addition to the two favorites 18 more teams play in the league, 20 teams in total. Top four teams advance to next season’s UEFA Champions League group stage. Clubs that win 5th and 6th places advance to the Europa League group stage, and the team from the 7th place will compete to qualify. The three teams with the lowest points are demoted to the Segunda Division, the basis of the Spanish Premier League.  You might follow not only La Liga tables of this season, but also the previous seasons of this championship.  

The points scored in all 38 rounds of the championship determine the position in the table. In case if two teams win the same number of points, the place in the table shall be determined by the result of a game played between them, then the total number of goals in those games, the total balance of goals in the entire league, the number of goals scored and conceded.

On football statistics websites you can find a complete and always up-to-date calendar of La Liga matches. The La Liga table includes a lot of detailed information: the result of the games, the lineups of both teams, statistics, the game scenario, betting tips, the name of the head referee and the presence in the stands of the stadium.

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