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Arap Doyo>>: President Uhuru finally multiplies the PSCU unit by zero, sends them to the bottom of the sewer.

Boniface N:>>Is it true that Uhuru’s disbanded that outfit full of idiots,zombies & morons called Primary School Confused Unit(PSCU)?

Kamasasa E:>>Sorry Itumbi. Next time fight for a cause. Don’t fight for a person. Try to be on the right side of history. Go well! You were used just like that expensive diaper!

Seth Odongo : The ingenuity of Dennis Itumbi has been destroyed by the arrogance of Munyori Buku and the shamelessness of Eric Ng’eno.

Edwin O>>> How dare go against Kikuyu leaders? STATEHOUSE disbands PSCU just hours after it said Uhuru supports Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid and needs 20yrs to implement its election plan

Anwar Saddat :>> Dennis Itumbi and company will be “absorbed” in UhuRuto 17 Super PAC. They will become regular “political” commentators in K24, Kameme FM, and such other tribal media outlets where they will continue to practice their trade of propagating propaganda. Now that they will not be “associated” with the presidency, UhuRuto hopes that any negative attention, like that unnecessary spat with NY Times, will be considered personal. All in all, the son of Jomo is simply reorganizing his 2017 re-election campaign.

Onyango Ochieng’Jnr:>>>In firing Itumbi and co at that “gofer”[watu ya mkono] outfit, Uhuru has sent a very clear message that LIKES & COMMENTS doesn’t translate to CONTENT, SUBSTANCE & FORM. Uhuru was just trying to say that he didn’t employ rogues to insult Raila, but faulty professionals whom he thought in his wildest imagination would communicate what is PRESIDENTIAL. By the way, I never took Itumbi serious, but I had serious biff with his boss; that man whose name sounds like a Meru based local brew, yes, that Munyori Buku.Well, that’s none of my business anyway. I am looking for Onyi Papa Jay to compose a 10 minute song about me, yes OOJr. Goodnight

Enock Ombuna :>>Its official Dennis Itumbi is now jobless, hehehehehe! Jubilee is eating its own children!

Hon Jim B:>>I made a post here yesterday at 5.06pm giving expert analysis on the performance and conduct of PSCU which, since it’s inception, I found wanting and not meeting the threshold of a vessel that speaks for the presidency, put it simply, not presidential. In my well laid out argument, I categorically decried the conduct of Dennis Itumbi, Munyori Buku, Eric Ngenoe and a crowd of Kiambu vegetables conscripted into the unit as directors. A few misguided characters pummeled me with insults and slanderous epithets which tended to demean my ability to give sound judgement. Today, PSCU has been disbanded, it’s members caned and sent home. It goes without saying that what I was seeing while eating Ugali Mlima downtown, someone was seeing while at statehouse, – where power rests it’s ass. Or just to say it the other way, Statehouse monitors this account for notes. When Opus Dei posts anything here, take it seriously.

Phil W:>>I have always been telling Dennis Itumbi that these positions are TEMPORARY.

Boniface Mwangi:>> Uhuru needs a team that will play dirty online and offline ahead of the 2017 elections. Civil servants like Itumbi are on a short leash and the disbandment is a deployment to the Uhuru Tena team. Itumbi will likely be chief propagandist ahead of the 2017 elections and they can do whatever they want without being constrained by State House protocols. The gloves are off.

Joseph Githu:>>36 cow bloggers and their conveners to look for greener pastures, Pr work now not needed, at least we can ask without being subjected to graphs and pie charts what the government has accomplished.
Time for ‪#‎teampilau‬ to join the ruto camp…..
When it rains it pours! Pscu down!

Lee Makwiny:>> Eric Ngeno has gone. We advised him not to joke with Raila Odinga name but he wouldn’t listen.
It’s time to celebrate the disbandment of PSCU.

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