TOP REACTIONS to news that Office of DP Ruto is the MOST CORRUPT in Kenya

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Onyango Ochieng Jnr:>> Congratulations DP William Ruto for winning the most corrupt office position in Kenya. Kenya is the 3rd most corrupt nation on earth, yet your office is the most corrupt in Kenya. Meaning you are the 3 most corrupt person under the sky that has 7 billion people.

Congratulations, its not easy to beat 7billion people to win number 3. Its not easy to beat all the 195 countries that include DRC, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even Swaziland. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, I will not be surprised if Kenya becomes number 1 which will mean your office will beat all human beings alive, all the 7 billion to win this award. Congrats.

Steve K Kewa

Infotrak can say anything about NOTHING.There polls during icc cases can guide you into understanding their sole motive.
The Deputy President’s Office is clean and dignified.

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