John Kib :>>

BUNGOMA: The tide is turning against Jubilee. The same crowd that welcomed Mudavani yesterday turned against Arap Kutenga today. Ametengwa na kufukuzwa kama burukenge. You cannot take people for granted and expect them to clap for you!!
Kenya loading…….

Wafula Buke :>> Bungoma ruto fiasco was just a rehearsal for what will happen in case they rig elections again multiplied by 1000. Was lucky to witness live the people’s power. We are unbottling all bottles tonight.
Muthui M >>When the Kikuyu elders told Uhuru to stop moving around with @WilliamsRuto, they had Intel that Ruto was a Polarising figure as is clearly evident

Ruto had lost the Election for Uhuru

Jared Jaysean :>>
In other words,Jubilee is dead.
Can you imagine what amount of investment Uhuru and Ruto has done in Western Kenya in terms of buying politicians and spreading propaganda?
You cannot keep on preaching Electricity and A few kilometers of tarmac roads for four years.
It reaches a moment that people demand to know what you are doing with the striking doctors and lecturers.
What you are doing with the rampant corruption.
What you do with the increasing unemployment.

Siku ya nyani Kufa,,,,

Joram Walukhe: JUBILEE TAWE: Kenyans seem to have found courage. Garissa, Narok, Bomet, Meru, they are telling off Jubilee and their brokers. Everywhere Uhuruto go, they are increasingly meeting crowds hostile to their ‘tumetenga philosophy’ that is yet to yield tangible benefit for wananchi 5 years on.

Looking forward to the point of no return. Jubilee must fall.

E Nyambati >::Why is William Ruto being rejected by almost everyone?