We have two international Airports(Kisumu and Mombasa) but we will not hesitate to take over Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and rename it like “Elijah Wanameme International Airport (EWIA)”. We have bananas, sugarcane, coffee, tea and cotton. We also have maize and milk…..’Bwafene khwenyela(ourselves are able). We have marijuana and mikombero roots.


What do they have?

We also have SGR. SGR runs from Mombasa to Syokimau in Machakos. We have Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean. We own Harrambee Stars and Rugby….!! We have Dini Ya Msambwa and Rachael Maria. We have the customers and the workers! What do they have?

We have River Nzoia and River Kuywa among others..We have the mountains and Kakamega Forests. We the Lands especially the land in Taita Taveta that is guarded by GSU 24/7 at the expense of the poor locals. They shall no more be squatters on their own soil. There shall be called Sons and Daughters of the soil. We control the academia, we have the professors name them! What do they have?

This is the reason why ‘they’ want to cling on ‘us’. Pharaoh let my people go. Let them go and serve our population. They are now saying that jobs are being lost with the ongoing boycotts. Remind them of how many jobs got lost when they pulled down Webuye Panpaper! If you are a Bukusu and your brother or sister has lost a job at Safaricom then tell him or her that during liberations, there are always casualties!
Resist with No Mercy!!

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