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The tech blogs in Nigeria have been on the rise, and research proves phone use in Nigeria has hit the high.  Tech bloggers were once ignored, shunned as nothing important, but as fate will have it, the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone of the digital world.

Tech blogs have been so amazing, we have seen a lot of valuable news, breaking tech news, and much more from incredible sources.

We can’t underestimate the usefulness of tech sites as we have seen top entertainment blogs have started writing about tech, giving a cubicle for dire Tech fans.

A blogosphere promoting Africa’s startup, phone reviews, gadgets comparisons and how to’s captured my attention, to create a well-researched article on the top tech sites in Nigeria.

With the help from Alexa premium and similar web I was able to get all the information on these sites from their daily visitors, global and local ranking of leading Tech blogs in the country.


Tech blogs in Nigeria have been a beacon of light, in a country where entertainment thrives.  I have always been of the firm notion that Technology and not Agriculture is the future that will change Nigeria fortunes. It’s quite evident that the Proposed plan to make Lagos a tech city shows how the country is need of rapid tech development.

Without further ado; let me introduce you to the Elite tech sites and the top tech bloggers that run the show in the Nigeria.

TECH CABAL – The Best Tech Blog In Nigeria

Tech cabal is the most visited tech blog in Nigeria, probably the biggest in Africa. In a country where Entertainment dominates, I don’t know the secret of how this tech site has made it to the top 50 most visited site in Nigeria. It might be from the title Everyone is invited, the feat they have reached, has made many tech bloggers look up to it for unbiased reviews, start-up news and groundbreaking revolution in Africa.

This innovative blog is widely known for its keen news on exciting tech startup’s, gadgets and  across Africa. Welcoming you to arguably the biggest tech sphere, Osarumen and Tola will wouldn’t need to tell; You are all invited.


Techpoint tells the African Tech story using a touch of Africanism in a form you have never seen. You will be surprised how resources are left untapped in Africa which is ripe for the taking.

Techpoint aims to open your entrepreneur mind to vast opportunities and the daily news on how the fortune companies control the Technology space.


Naijatechguide is a tech site primarily for phone reviews, comparisons, and specs. If you are tech fan searching for phones and gadgets; you must have stumbled upon this site when searching for phones on search engines.

The word out there is Naijatechguide is the first blog to earn millions from affiliate advertisement from konga and jumia.


Tired of reading crappy reviews?

Specsprice cuts the garbage to give you the purest form of detailed reports about tech gadgets, Smartphones and Simple Telcom hacks. It boasts of unbiased review, well if you think otherwise, you can check it out for yourself


If you want to learn how to blog in Nigeria,  you can learn everything from one of the top tech bloggers known as Jide Ogunsanya.

This list would not be complete without obgonge blog. Many bloggers learned everything about blogging on jide’s blog, like shoutmeloud is to Indians, that’s how ogbonge is to Nigerians.

This tech site has offered more to Nigerian bloggers than any other site. Ogbonge’s blogs about Practical Guide on how to’s and technology related information which ranges from blogging tutorials, affiliate advertisement, and multiple options to monetize blogs. Without a doubt, the most valuable blog to bloggers  In Nigeria and overseas is ogbonge.


They say too much cooks spoil the broth, but Geek ng has defied this law, with multiple author post, Nigerian bloggers have grown to love them. I personally too like them.

This blog mainly focuses on phone reviews,  phone comparisons, tech news and other related topics about tech. Their youtube channel is worth a spectacle to watch unboxing videos and detailed reviews.


”What a man can do a woman can surely do it better.”

I added the surely to show my crystal admiration for Tobi Ayeni. She has made tech blogging techy and fun to blog about, but don’t be deceived because this woman has worked her has ass out to reach where she is right now. While technology blogs in Nigeria lack Candid and techy reviews. Her crisp reviews about smartphones is breathtaking; you will find it worthwhile to stick around.

This blog is barely than a year old, but the rating of this site alone in a short span of time is just incredible. Misstechy’s blog is a worthy addition to the technology space.


Mobility Arena is a site which represents the GSM arena for Nigerians. It has made smartphone reviews simplistic and easy to absorb. You will also find MobilityArena absuitable for all forms of tech update.


Best mobs is a site valuable not only to Nigerians only, but people abroad as well enjoy visit this site.

Best mobs showcase the best phones you need to buy. Their phone comparison authenticity is compared to that of gsm arena, phone arena and other authority blogs.


Their fans call themselves techrezites.  They have enthusiastic followers on topics like gaming, phone reviews, unboxing phone videos and much more to make you stay longer than expected. Their startup news is also a great spot to read keenly.

Nosa founded Techrez in 2013, and since then, the blog has gone to excite tech fans.


Android Nigeria is a tech site solely for android phone reviews, how to’s and the latest games on Android. They have now placed themselves as the best niche site with a monopoly for Android Phones.


Do not judge a blog by its name.

Oscarmini is not a movie site, although judging by the name, one would confuse it for a film site. This blog massively narrows down to the tech niche.

Oscar mini’s practical guide can get them Oscar on topics like Blogger and WordPress. Oscar mini gives an in-depth coverage of the future trends in technology. The website rates as one of the best-detailed reviews for mobiles and tablets, in fact, everything about the technical knows how’s of blogging can be found on Oscar’s space.

Note; hitherto, the rating of tech blogs in Nigeria might have changed because of increased rankings , which changes as daily visitors increases or decreases. So please don’t totally rely on these ratings because much had happened from when I wrote this to now. Rest assured, the blogs listed are the best tech blogs in the country.

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