These are the Most Profitable Business To Do in Kenya

What are some of the most profitable businesses to do in Kenya in the year 2020?Anyone thinking of starting a business should look for viable businesses,then commit their funds in the most profitable businesses. In Kenya, there are over 300 small businesses you can engage in but only a few are profitable. As employment becomes scarce by the day, business should be the best alternative, and it’s better to start small especially in areas where potential for growth can be realized.

If you are planning to set up a business in Kenya, there are several small businesses you can do this here, as described below.


Agrovet is business which involves selling crop and animal drugs plus animal feeds. In our country, agriculture is the backbone of the entire economic activities being practiced. This business is not seasonal because farmers must buy agriculture products.

If you want to rake in some good cash, try starting an Agrovet.The best places to do the business include Eldoret, Kisii,Kiambu,Narok,Kericho and Nakuru.

In a good day, you expect to make Ksh 3,000-Ksh10, 000, depending on the location you set up the business.


If you went to school but you are still jobless, you better start blogging. For your information, blogging is a well-paying career; in Kenya, the average amount of money serious bloggers make per month is Ksh80, 000, which is enough to feed your family.

What you need to do is have a website,then host it in top hosting companies like Bluehost,Namecheap and GoDaddy.Then look for ways of monetizing your blog-there are over 100 ways of making money through your can even be an marketing affiliate of Jumia ,Alibaba,Amazon and Kilimall.You can also make money from AdSense, which is the single largest source of income for many bloggers.

Bottled water production is another business you should think of starting. This business requires a borehole or spring water and a license. I can tell you after starting the business, you will not fail to make at least Ksh5, 000 per day.

Car hire business is also another lucrative business you should think of starting this year. This business does well in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu.

It requires and individual Ksh 2 million-Ksh 10 million to start this business but after you successfully set it up,a single car will give you not less than Ksh 3,000 per day.

Car wash is definitely one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya, especially in Nairobi where the number of cars almost exceed the number of people. Even if you are in employment, you should not leave this chance slip you. I am also tempted to try this type of business because of the success stories I hear from people I know.

The starting capital of car wash business is Ksh150,000-Ksh250,000 but be sure you will not make less than Ksh 3,000 per day.


Cooking gas sales is currently booming in Kenya. This is definitely the best business to do in major towns if a t all you don’t have more than Ksh200, 000 for starting big business.

The capital needed is Ksh 200,000.This money mostly goes to buying of gas cylinders and renting space for your business.

A single 6KG gas cylinder earns you a profit of between Ksh 100 to Ksh250 and 13KG cylinder earns you Ksh150 to Ksh300.Yo can see if you sell 5 cylinders per day, you will make upwards of Ksh 500


If you pursued a degree in early childhood education or special needs education, you better stop looking for a job and start a day care in Nairobi. This is the only sure way to make a kill if you are a teacher by profession.

Day Care business only require less than Ksh 200,000 as capital.


You can plant popular fruits in Kenya but these ones will definitely make you rich:Tomatoes,water melon,onions,carrots and mangoes. These fruits are in demand across the country and the supply has never exceeded demand. This year, prepare your shamba and start farming the fruits..the market is ready.

If you are living in Thika,Nairobi,Mobasa or Kisumu,a fast food restaurant is what you should thin of setting up.This business is extremely profitable in these towns, which is why people who have this knowledge invest heavily into this venture.

A fast food restaurant requires a capital of Ksh150, 000-Ksh600, 000, depending on location and size of your business.

General shop is ideal in areas where shopping malls are not available. This business is good in small towns and villages but not in Nairobi.

If you have Ksh60,000-Ksh200,000,you can start a general shop.

People must eat, and they must eat fruits and vegetables. Over the past few years, grocery business has gained prominence in major towns. This is because majority of the people in towns don’t do farming.

The bottom line in this business is that no matter where you set it up, profit must be realized.

The goodness with grocery business is that with as little as Ksh20, 000, you have your business running.

Laundry services business does well in Nairobi and Kisumu.This business can supplement your income if you are living in these two towns.

The best thing about laundry business is that you will face little competition, you also have a right to charge customers based on how you see them, thus making it easy to make handsome profits.

MPESA business is a common business for Kenyans and is one that has created more jobs than any other business in the country over the past 10 years.

The capital required for starting this business is Ksh30,000-Ksh200,000

An MPESA shop located where the customer flow is good can generate up to Ksh 7,000 in profits per day.

Mobile Food Vending is not a popular business in Nairobi but this is one venture you should think of starting this year, even Jumia is doing the same. Your target group should be office people where you will supply them with different kinds of food over lunch time.
Night club and pub

A pub is also one that can make you rich. This business is complex but if you have good workers and set it in a strategic location, you will surely make good money.
Online shop-to sell smartphones, clothes and electronic gadgets

Photography is business suitable for people who have little capital, especially student and fresh graduates. This business is done near colleges and universities, in weddings, church functions and funerals.

What you need is a good camera and skills on how to capture the best photos.
Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is definitely for people who are willing to work hard for money and wealthy. Chicken, especially broilers are the best to keep because they mature within 5 weeks.

If you have a space for keeping chicken and Ksh30, 000, please start this business.

Recreating Centre is now becoming a common thing in major towns. If you have Ksh500,000,you can set it up in towns like Nairobi,Kisumu,Nakuru and Mombasa. You will be shocked if you hear this: in a good weekend, the average profit realized by a single recreation centre is Ksh 30,000.

If you are good in CV writing, start a recruitment agency today. This business is well paying and also easy to start.


sume writing is also the best business you can start from home.If you are jobless but you are proficiency in Microsoft Word,pleas open a Facebook page,Linkedln and Twitter account and use them to market yourself.A single professional CV can earn you Ksh1,000-Ksh 5,000


A juice blender costs Ksh4,000.This is what you need plus raw fruits which you will blend and sell to clients.Starting this business does not attract any sweat because you only require less than Ksh20,000 as capital.


Venturing into honey business is a wise idea,especially in this era when diseases are in plenty.What is needed from you is knowing where to source the honey and your market niche.The best place to source honey include Baringo,Narok and Kitui.
31. Selling Motorcycle spare parts
32. Selling used cars
33. Social Media Marketing
35. Video Game Centre
36. Shoe Shining
37. Selling Mitumba
38. Selling women handbags
39. Salon
40. Kinyozi
41. Cleaning services
42. Manicure Pedicure
43. Massage Centre
44. Jewelry Making
45. Construction Cervices
46. Research Consultancy Company
47. Gym and Weight Loss Services
48. Health Food Store
49. Chemist
50. Boutique
51. Nursery and Pre-Unit School
52. Office Cleaning Services
53. Movers company
54. Security Company
55. Selling Tents

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