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These are Frequently answered questions while filing KRA returns

Many traders and even financial institutions don’t know where to begin from as the deadline keeps approaching every passing day. filing KRA returns

As it stands, 1.3 million non-compliant individuals and companies have not filed their returns, thus exposing them to impending fines.

On the other hand, several people have filed their returns only to realize later that the information they provided at the iTax portal had errors that definitely ought to be corrected.

Well, your worries are as good as solved if you follow the guidelines highlighted below; which provides answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I treat Credits from a previous VAT return?

On the VAT return at the Tax Due worksheet, you can be able to put the figure at from the previous months’ credit. filing KRA returns

If I don’t have PINs for my suppliers, what should I do?

Invoice without a PIN is not valid tax invoice & therefore not allowed for a tax deduction.

How do I treat Credit notes in iTax?

iTax has provided for the inclusion of the credit notes in the return. While filling the returns, one needs to input a negative figure but quote the invoice relating to the credit note.

Can I correct an error once I file a return?

Yes. You can do this by filing an amended return.

I have heard that before one can complete the Excel Return one is required to enable MACROS on the excel sheet. What is enabling MACROS, and how does one do this? filing KRA returns

MACROS are inbuilt formulae in Excel that should be enabled once you download the return so that you can be able to fill in the details of the return.

Enabling MACROS is on the read me section of the return, and it gives you a step by step guide depending on the Excel version you have.

My business system produces a lot of data. With the Excel returns, I will be required to fill every cell to input my data. This is cumbersome and time-consuming. What will you do to facilitate and eliminate this inconvenience?

You can be able to do the returns in Excel and import the information to the return. You need to save this information in CSV (Comma delimited) for further information; please contact KRA certified Intermediary agents, or call 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105.

I have a PIN but have not traded. Do I have to file returns?

Yes, you need to file a NIL return. All you need to do is go to your iTax profile, Returns, and select the NIL return option and submit.

What do I do if I am trying to upload my return, but the system tells me I have to file returns for previous months/year?

In the case of first time filling, you need to call KRA for the change of roll-out date. In the case that you had filled the first return on iTax and failed to file subsequent returns i.e., for one or three months, you need to file the missing returns in iTax before you can file the current one.

What do I do if I am trying to file VAT/PAYE return on iTax, but the system tells me I am not registered for that return?

You need to update your tax obligation information in your iTax account to enable you to file.

Can I view a copy of the previous returns that I have filed for last tax periods?

Yes. You log in to your account, select the returns tab then consult return. You need to choose the type of return and the period.

What do I do if I am trying to upload a return and get Pin A0079…… is invalid but valid in a PIN checker?

Call 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105 Or; Visit the nearest KRA office for assistance.

How can I change the current email address from the one I registered within iTax?

The taxpayer can initiate a change of email address. On the taxpayers’ profile under registration, the taxpayer is allowed to amend PIN details. Once the taxpayer begins the process, a task is created for approval by a KRA officer.

In case I forget my password, what can I do?

Go to the iTax log in page and select forgotten password. You will be asked for the security question you used when registering for the first time. Once you submit the information successfully, new login credentials will be sent to your registered email address.

How can I change my password if I have forgotten my security question?

The taxpayer is required to send this PIN to KRA for password and security question reset through:

Email and DTDOnlineSupport@kra.go.keOr; Call 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105Or; Visit the nearest KRA office.

What do I do if my pin is locked?

All blocked password is reset automatically within 24 hours.

Alternatively, the taxpayer can send this PIN to KRA to be unlocked reset through:

Email and Or; Call 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105 Or; Visit the nearest KRA office.

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