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Either people are staying in a large or smaller country they always concern about their safety and security.

The government provides the protection of people and property free of cost but if people need extra protection they go to the private security service provider. As one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, Qatar always needs to advance its security of residence and visitor.

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To meet the increased security challenges posed by the FIFA World Cup in 2022 Qatar has requires the installation of some of the most sophisticated surveillance systems and increase in hiring for the private security guards throughout the country’s wider infrastructure.

Since last 7yrs the governing bodies and other public authorities have significantly increased overall spending on security and surveillance systems. Now security and surveillance in Qatar are booming.

If you want to work the security industry in Qatar this post will help you to understand about the leading security company in this country. Most of the private security companies are operated by expat and there is few international and semi-government security company in Qatar.

The leading security companies in Qatar are as following.

1. ISC group gulf

ISC is an international security company operating in Qatar. It was established to provide Armed and unarmed security services in Britain. In Qatar, the company provides cost-effective security installation and armed and the unarmed security guard to the clients.

The guards it provides in Qatar are bilingual from Kenya, Sudan, somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda and some of the ex-army officer from Nepal.

2. Qatar security services

Qatar security services company is first organization on providing security services in the state of Qatar. This is the another security company which hires only ex-military personnel to its workforce. It is a sister company of Bin Arabaid Group and many international companies in Qatar loves to give contract QSS as a security guarantor.

3. G4S Qatar WLL

The Muti-international security company has occupied the number 3 position in my listing in terms of business. but overall, on security professionalism, the welfare of its employees and the sophisticated security integration services this company can exceed all securitycompany in Qatar.

In addition, the company has provided outsourcing services in Qatar since it has approval from the Qatari government to give such types of services here.

4. Hemaya security services company

The Hemaya security company in Doha Qatar. It is a leading security guards provider in this country. The company offers man guarding, cash in transit, event protection and other related security services in Qatar.  Even though a low salary in the security industries in Qatar it pays in time.

5. European guarding and security services

You may already know that European guarding is an international security company has an operating business in Qatar. Like its name, the company has full ownership of the European country but in Qatar, it has a venture with  Al-Saqr Security Systems Co. which is one of the largest security equipment supply and installation company in the Qatari market.

6. Al Sraiya security services 

Al Sriya security has been set up as a security service provider with a complete solution for man guarding and cash in transit services in Qatar. The company was established by  Chairman, Mr. Sareea Rashid Alkaab has worked in the ministry of Interior since 28yrs and the management team also highly experiences. In different security field inside the state of Qatar.

7. Teyseer services company 

The Teyseer services company is a limited liability company has owned by Teyseer group and Sodexho Alliance S.A. The primary business of the Teyseer group is catering service, security service, camp operating and other related services.

The Teyseer service WLL has provided a remarkable contribution to keeping the community safe in Qatar by providing mainly security personnel.

8. Qatar security and guarding services

The Qatar security and guarding services is another locally owned security company headquartered in Doha. More than 5000 people are working and most of the security personnel are from the developing and some of the Arab countries.

9. Allied security WLL 

This company was established in 1985 for providing the cleaning services. Nowadays a cleaning company emerged as a top 10 security company in Qatar. Allied security company commits with the federal security regulation and gives much value to its staff.

10. United security services Company 

United security company headquarter is located in Al-Mana centre building Doha Qatar. The company provides the man guarding, a security consultant and security types of equipment such as alarm, CCTV and other related safety measures.

This article has written on the based on our knowledges of security companies in Qatar. Thank you all the guys who helped to provides the valuable information about security organization in state of Qatar.


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