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The revolution Kenyans have been waiting for is here.

Are you feeling the pain of Economic sabotage and helplessness?

Kenyans in the capital city Nairobi have organized a peaceful protest scheduled for 30th April, 2019.

The protests which are known as ‘Red Vests’ is organized by like-minded Kenyans who are appalled by the runaway corruption.

Kenya is a beautiful country with diverse resources but it is being plunered by a few families which have been in leadership since independence.

Ours is a criminal aristocracy that eats everything on its way.

The current Jubilee regime has been the most kleptomaniac.

Every state official is stealing from the coffers of their respective government institution.

The president, Uhuru Kenyatta, seems out of touch.He continues to borrow without sealing the loopholes for corruption.

Kenyans are not stupid, only fearful.

None has had the courage to organize people to protest the ills the country is in. On the contrary, many wananchis are even afraid of what might happen in case abrupt demos are organized, making them shout down those who want good for out country.

Is this it?

The ‘Red Vests’ protests has a myriad issues to deal with, first, what are the issues?, secondly, are the people knowledgeable about the issues?, thirdly, how will they sustain the pressure.

See, without sustained pressure on the government to change, the ‘Red Vests’ will die a natural death and be christened ‘Instagram Protest’ that only sought to have leaders and protestors March for the camera.

It is well to remember that a few years ago during the dying years of the Kibaki Regime, ‘Unga’ protests were organized but they didn’t solve anything since the price continued to soar to what it is today.

Let’s be serious with our protests.

Other African countries like Sudan and Algeria have successfully managed to remove their long-serving leaders.

Kenya is a different scenario since we have elections every 5 years, so the protests need to be different.

The elections are how the corrupt in Kenya (mostly the political class), have always escaped, because it gives us false hope that things can change.

Things have not changed for 50 years.

For the protests to achieve anything, they must be peaceful (up to a point), press on with few clear issues that we want resolved, paralise the most important aspects of government business and above all, persevere through police brutality. (documenting these too well for the world to see).

If that is done for a month, then we shall sure achieve a different Kenya.

Let it not be lost on you that this country is very unequal.

We’ve also had a very dating regime that lies about economic development, unemployment figures, and does not fear to kill in order to survive.

Those terror attacks, what were they?

Let us be sincere in our endeavor to change this country or forever shut up.

Shut up and accept the dicking like a prostitute who has given up to fate.

We can’t be lying to each other that we care, only to complain on social media and do nothing.

Article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 guarantees us the right to assemble, demonstrate, picket and petition.

We have not petitioned enough, we have not assembled enough, we have not demonstrated enough.

Below are some pictures announcing the planned protests. The police have also been notified.

Police have been notified

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