The player who ruined his career for being “lazy”

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The 2010s can be seen as a lost decade for Brazilian football. Yes, Brazil still produced some incredible players at that time. However, they were unable to replicate the talent of names like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or Romario. The betting platform is certainly the best bookmaker that punters can use to wager on football from this part of the world.

However, there were many players who actually promised a lot. Many people expected them to be like the aforementioned examples. Some of these names were:

  • Anderson;
  • Oscar;
  • Alexandre Pato;
  • and Ganso.

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Meet the “birds”
Ganso was an extremely talented midfielder who made his breakthrough into professional football in 2008. His first professional squad was Brazilian team Santos, where he played between 2008 and 2012. At any moment, punters can visit in order to wager in the best Brazilian football teams.

The real name of the player was Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima. However, he adopted the nickname “Ganso”, which means “goose”. In the late 2000s, Ganso was delighting the world in the youth Brazilian national teams alongside another promising player: Alexandre Pato. By the way, “Pato” is also a nickname. This word means “duck” in English.

In those Brazilian national teams, which are also on 1xBet, the “goose” was a classic number 10 with an incredible talent. At the same time, the “duck” was a prolific goalscorer who played as a classic number 9. These two “birds” impressed the world with their talent. However, they were unable to fulfill their incredible potential.

Issues with Ganso
Nobody can deny Ganso’s talent. You can bet on the matches where he plays by going to the betting platform. However, early in his career, some people already saw issues with his style of play. He wasn’t an energetic talent like his teammates. When his teams were pressing high up, which can be a physically demanding task, he basically walked on the field.

To be fair, it should also be mentioned that Ganso suffered two devastating injuries to his knee ligaments early in his career. These kinds of injuries need surgical treatment, and there are tons of examples of players whose careers were ruined because of them.

It didn’t help Ganso either that he also played for a few years alongside Neymar in Santos. At that time, fans saw by themselves the contrast between a player who fulfilled his potential, like Neymar, and Ganso, who failed to do so. Yet, in all fairness, Neymar never had a serious knee injury in his career, and he is also featured on the 1xBet website.


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