Antique ring The Last of Us 2 Engraved Ring can easily be missed, but finding this hidden artefact unlocks the So Great and Small PlayStation trophy. So, even if you missed it first time around, it’s worth revisiting The Last of Us 2’s New Game + mode to scoop it up, along with any other missed collectibles.

The Engraved Ring is not just a cool collectible, but it also serves as an Easter Egg. The ring is engraved with the words “Sic Parvis Magna”, which means “greatness from small beginnings”. This is the mantra of none other than Nathan Drake, the protagonist of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, suggesting the ring once belonged to Drake.

So, if you want to know where to find The Last of Us 2 Engraved Ring then read on – but, be warned, there are spoilers for The Last of Us 2 ahead.

Where to find The Last of Us 2 Engraved Ring

You can pick up the Engraved Ring in the chapter Downtown – Seattle Day 1 for Ellie. The ring is found in the Westlake Bank in Downtown Seattle, which is in the south-west corner of Downtown. The building is essentially a big pile of rubble but there is a sign on the building that says “Westlake Bank”. antique ring

Make your way through the rubble and into the bank, until you reach the lobby. There will be a few Clickers and a runner in here, clear them out and head into the room called “Safe Deposits Lockers”. A bag on the floor will reveal a safe code – 602306.

Enter the code into the big safe door that’s in the room. Once the code is entered correctly, the door should swing open, revealing a vault full of safety deposit boxes.

Before picking up the Engraved Ring, it’s worth picking up the pump shotgun that’s on the floor and any other resources or artifacts that are lying about.

Once you’ve done that, head to the right-hand side of the room and open the safety deposit box on the wall. This box will contain the Engraved Ring and should unlock the So Great and Small trophy.