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The job of the black church during slavery is the same job of the black church today…. To keep you focused on heaven while you are living in Hell. All black churches who don’t do the job of the black community must be shut down and put out of business. The church industry makes over 20 million every Sunday in South Africa…no schools, no factories, no supermarkets, no airlines, no airport exports… Are we crazy? Are we crazy? If the job of the church is to get you ready to die, if the job of the church is to prepare you to go to heaven…what the hell do they need so much money for because you don’t need no money in heaven.

Any religion that tells me that I have to in order to get to heaven, while all nations except black folks got their heaven now…that is not the religion I want. I want heaven now or I will die trying. Any religion that doesn’t teach me how to fight for what is right is the religion that is preparing me to accept what is wrong.

Robert Sobukwe was killed for preaching to the truth… Why don’t kill those standing on the pulpits? I rather let the hungry get feed than to pay the tithe to the church… I nourish the sick than to go to church on Sunday… I rather protect the Aged than to protect the Bible… I rather clothes the naked than to buy the pastor business suit…i rather take care of the infants than to listen to the pastor on Sunday.

If the Bible was holy…white folks would have hidden it from black folks like they are hiding Agricultural skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, Business Management skills, Mining skills, trading skills.

Let me stop here even though I have more to say…

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