The Driving Test in Qatar Details

The minimum age for learning to drive is 18 years old.

Those who are applying for a driving licence for the first time should register with one of the Authorised Driving Schools (see below). To be able to take the test a learner must have had at least 15 hours of theoretical classes and a minimum of 35 hours of driving lessons.

Most driving schools offer male and female instructors and the test may be taken in English or Arabic. A choice of manual or automatic transmission vehicles is available – check with the driving school for details. Please be aware that there are restrictions and conditions with an automatic transmission licence. The driving test comprises:

  • Theoretical test – an oral test on road signs and traffic regulations
  • Parking
  • Road test

You will take all parts of the test and will be informed at each stage whether you have passed or failed. If you fail one part of the test, you will not proceed to the next stage of the test.

There is also a requirement to pass an eye test.

A driving licence is issued immediately after successfully passing the test.

If you fail the test you can retake it within a specified time frame without additional charge. Parts of the test that were successfully passed previously do not have to be retaken.

Authorised Driving Schools

You can register at one of the following government approved testing centres:

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