The deadly Marcelo Salas

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In South America, nobody doubts that the biggest powerhouses when it comes to football are Argentina and Brazil. Currently, it is possible to make sport bet Kenya from 1xBet bookmaker on all the competitions that take place in that part of the world. However, Chile has also had a fair share of legendary footballers.

Marcelo Salas is considered as one of the best Chilean and South American players ever. He was a talented striker who had a great goalscoring ability. Additionally, despite not being very tall, he was extremely good in his heading technique. In simple terms, he was a complete player. Whenever players of this talent are in the field, make sure to make the best sports bet from the 1xBet Kenya bookmaker, which offers a wide range of events.

A brilliant career
Salas played professionally between 1993 and 2008. The first team where he played was Chilean side Universidad de Chile. Curiously, the main reason why he had so many opportunities at the Chilean top level was because of a new rule introduced in the early 90s in the country. It is possible to make live bet on on all the matches from Chilean football.

This regulation mandated all squads from the country to have an U-20 player among their starting 11 or substitutes. Since Salas was the best player in the academy of his Chilean squad at the time, he was constantly chosen for the matches.

After Chilean football, Salas went on to play on many teams, including:

  • River Plate;
  • Lazio;
  • and Juventus.

Both River and Lazio consider him as one of their greatest players ever. Right now, on 1xBet it is possible to make a live bet on all these great teams.

A legend of the Chilean national team
Marcelo Salas became an international player in 1994. Chile secured a place in the 1998 FIFA World Cup in large part due to his excellent performances. Fans can download and install 1xBet app in order to wager on these excellent competitions.

In the competition itself, which was celebrated in France in 1998, Salas scored 4 goals, which put him as the third top-scorer in the competition, despite Chile being eliminated in the round of 16. Eventually, Salas became the top scorer of the Chilean national squad.

When Salas’ career was coming to an end, there was another Chilean player who many times said that Salas was his childhood idol. In fact, he imitated the iconic celebration from Salas on many goals that he scored. He even said that he wanted to become as good as Salas in the future.

His name? Alexis Sánchez. He would break Salas’ record and become the top Chilean national team scorer himself. Whenever great Chilean players are in the field, make sure to download and install the 1xBet app, which is available for free, to bet on all matches.


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