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The Best Studio Ghibli Movies to Stream on HBO Max (July 2020)

Studio Ghibli has created some of the best animated movies, and now, they’re finally available on HBO Max. The studio’s adorable films transport you to unique worlds. These are 10 of its best you can stream on the service right now.

My Neighbor Totoro

The description of "My Neighbor Totoro" on HBO Max.

My Neighbor Totoro follows Satsuki and Mei after they move in with their father, who lives in the country. Little do they know that tucked away in the nearby woods is a place full of strange, yet wonderful, creatures. The kids go on a series of adventures with their new friend Totoro and explore places they never knew existed.

Spirited Away

The description of "Spirited Away" on HBO Max.

Chihiro and her family are moving to a new home, when they stop and explore an abandoned village. Spirited Away reveals a world of spirits and strange beings ruled by a sorceress named Yubaba. Chihiro has to use her mind to survive and free her parents from this odd place.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

The description of "Kiki's Delivery Service" on HBO Max.

In Kiki’s Delivery Service, we follow the journey of Kiki, a young witch, and her black cat, Jiji. She uses her skills to make a living as she also hones her powers. While trying to become the best witch she can, she takes a small seaside village by storm.

Howl’s Moving Castle

The description of "Howl's Moving Castle" on HBO Max.

Sophie was living a quiet life before Howl came in and took her under his wing. An evil witch becomes jealous of their relationship and casts a spell on Sophie to break them up. Throughout Howl’s Moving Castle, Sophie has to do everything in her power to stop the war of sorcery from destroying the entire world.

Whisper of the Heart

The description of "Whisper of the Heart" on HBO Max.

Whisper of the Heart follows Shizuku’s encounters with a strange and magical cat as they help a boy follow his dreams. She must follow her heart to make the right decisions throughout her journey. This quiet schoolgirl takes this dream-like world by storm when she combines her talents.

The Cat Returns

The description of "The Cat Returns" on HBO Max.

This sequel to Whisper of the Heart brings Haru into the mystical feline world she didn’t know existed. The Cat Returns brings our feline friend back as Haru realizes the cat she saved isn’t who he seems to be. She has to find her way back home before she is permanently turned into one of her cat friends.

Castle in the Sky

The description of "Castle in the Sky" on HBO Max.

Castle in the Sky brings together a young girl named Sheeta and an engineer named Pazu to find the castle in the sky. Laputa is their destination, and they must use Sheeta’s glowing pendant to find this mysterious floating building. Along the way, they meet with pirates, military, and secret agents who want to use Sheeta’s powers for evil.

Porco Rosso

The description of "Porco Rosso" on HBO Max.

Set during the middle of a war in Italy, Porco Rosso follows the journey of bounty hunter, Marco. He’s had a mysterious curse placed on him: he now has the head of a pig. He meets a young man named Fio and goes on an airplane adventure with him. They have to do everything they can to survive, as they fight off the Italian army, an American flying ace, and even pirates!


The description of "Ponyo" on HBO Max.

An unseen friendship begins between young Sosuke and Ponyo—a goldfish. In this imaginative world, the two must figure out how to make Ponyo human so they can always be together. Even though Sosuke’s dad is a sorcerer and her mother is a sea goddess, the task proves to be more challenging than it first appears.

Princess Mononoke

The description of "Princess Mononoke" on HBO Max.

Ashitaka is headed west to find a cure for a deadly curse that’s been cast upon him when he runs into a conflict between two factions. Princess Mononoke is trying to stop the people of Iron Town from destroying her home and the spirits who live there. Ashitaka has to help her stop Lady Eboshi from taking the only home she’s ever known.

All of these fantastic films from Studio Ghibli offer an escape to beautifully imaginative worlds. You’ll fall in love with every character and adventure Hayao Miyazaki and his team have created.


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