The 12 Hour, $50 Guide To Getting Your Business Online

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Want to get your business online quickly and cheaply? You’re not alone! This is why we’ve put together a quick and dirty guide to getting online as fast as possible while not spending a lot of money in the process. In fact, if you have 12 hours and $50, you can get your web presence launched so that you can do business in the modern world.

How to Get Your Business Online

Here’s a look at the specific steps you’re going to want to take, as well as estimates of how much money it’s going to to cost you at each step of the way.

  1. Buy a Domain Name – If you find a coupon for GoDaddy, you can pick up a domain for around $10. This is the that will be your address online, so make sure you take the time to think about the name. Try to get something that’s easy to remember and not difficult to spell.
  2. Buy Web Hosting – After you have your domain name, you’ll need to get web hosting. This is where the actual files that make up your website reside. There’s a good chance you’re just going to need what’s known as shared hosting, which can cost around $10/month. If you start getting a lot of traffic you may need to upgrade later, but we’re trying to get you online for less than $50!
  3. Connect the Domain to Host – After you’ve purchased server space, you’ll get an email about how to access it. You’ll want to go back to GoDaddy (or wherever you purchased the domain name) and change the Nameservers to the ones for your web host. This is typically really easy to do.
  4. Install WordPress – Once you have the domain tied to your web host, look around until you find their one-click install section. Look for WordPress and click the button to have it installed on your server. This takes less than ten minutes and is entirely free.
  5. Shop for a Theme – While WordPress has a lot of free themes, you’re going to use your remaining $30 to look around for a professional theme that fits the industry you’re in. Once you’ve purchased it, you’ll have to install it, but there’s documentation on how to do this online.
  6. Set-Up Your Site – The last step is uploading images to your webserver and changing WordPress to your liking, with all your current information, including a way to contact you. This can take a day or two depending on how fast you pick up on using the WordPress software.

Depending on the type of website you’re creating, you may need to change it frequently. For example, if your website highlights popular business courses in your community, you’re going to want to have a way to update the information quickly and painlessly when it needs updated – which could be quite frequently.

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