Following my public campaign on the issue of unemployment affecting young graduates, I am pleased to announce that H. E President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the Public Service Commission to respond the issues I raised.

The PSC has since then announced the hiring of graduate interns in government ministries, departments and agencies. The recruitment shall begin in the month of August and is open to university graduates who graduated no earlier than 2015. (More information available in the flyer attached)

I welcome this positive step to tackle unemployment by the President. However, our Uhuru Park Meeting remains on course until similar action is taken for youth with technical training and those who may not have academic qualifications but express a willingness to be trained in vocational skills.

We will leave no comrade behind; we must all benefit or none of us benefit!

Comrade Babu Owino,
MP, Embakasi East and Leader, Youth For Africa Movement.