Tax exception is applicable for people living with disability, charitable organizations etc.

To apply for tax exemption in relation to personal income of Persons with Disabilities, an applicant is expected to fill induplicate Tax exemption form and attach the following:-
• A copy of pin certificate
• Certified copy of current pay slip where applicable
• A copy of the National Identification card
• A copy of a Doctors medical report from the government gazetted hospitals
• A letter from the employer where applicable stating the nature of disability

The form is to be submitted to the Director of Nation Council for persons with Disability (NCPWD) who shall upon verification of registration of the applicant by the Council sign and forward the application to the Commissioner for Domestic tax at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Determination by The Commisioner of Domestic Taxes will be subject to Applicants physically interviews before Domestic Taxes Department Officers in the nearest KRA offices

Timelines:  Instant

For more information call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020

Or visit nearest Huduma Centre

Or Contact:Kenya Revenue Authority

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