M-PESA Next of Kin Claim

Next of kin is a term used to describe a person’s closest living blood relative whom Safaricom may contact in case of any eventuality.

Legal representative means a person who is authorized to deal with the estate of a deceased person whether through appointment under a will or by right and thereafter application to a court as per the law.

Safaricom requires that the claimant should visit any of the retail centers and provide certain documents for inspection and approval before any funds can be released.

The documents

ID of claimant

This is the national ID of the person claiming the deceased funds.

Death Certificate

This is a government document that proves that the person is deceased.

Statutory Declaration (Affidavit)

A document witnessed by an advocate commissioner for oaths stating certain facts including the claimant’s relation to the deceased.

Grant of Letters of Administration (interstate)

This is a legal document obtained from any probate & administration court. The same is issued after the court is satisfied that a person has the capacity to act as a legal representative to the estate of a deceased person who did not leave a will appointing a personal representative.

Grant of Probate

This is a legal document issued by the court to an executor of the estate of a deceased person who left a will providing for what should happen to his estate and further appointing a personal representative (executor). The appointed person will go to court with the will and supporting documents and obtains a Grant of Probate.

Confirmation of Grant of Probate or Confirmation of Grant of Letters of Administration

This is a document issued by a court naming the beneficiaries and documenting their entitlement to portions of the estate of the deceased.

Letter from the Provincial administration

This is a letter from the chief, DC or PC confirming certain details about the deceased person and his beneficiaries. The confirmation will include the full names of the deceased, the area where the deceased was from and ALL the persons who are beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased.

The process

The claimant will be required to produce:

  • The claimants ID;
  • The deceased person’s death certificate;
  • The Statutory declaration (Affidavit); and
  • Letter from provincial administration or
  • Confirmation of Grant of Letters of Administration (interstate) or
  • Confirmation of Grant of Probate

Upon receiving notification of the death of a subscriber the M-PESA account is frozen to prevent further dealings and to protect the estate of the deceased.

Once all the requisite documents have been provided, funds will be transferred into the beneficiaries entitled to the M-PESA account balances once all documents are found to be in order.

The beneficiary must also provide a registered M-PESA account to receive the funds as Safaricom does not pay out money in any other form.

M-PESA next of Kin Claim Form

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