ali hassan joho

Governor Hassan Joho yesterday said he kicked out state-provided security officers because they had been sent to plant illegal “substances” and guns at his home — and incriminate him.

The Mombasa county boss yesterday alleged the same security detail that was to guard him had been ordered to spy on him and disclose his movements.

He said this would have made it easy to frame and arrest him, forcing his supporters to pour into the streets to demand justice.

Joho spoke at Treasury Square Garden during the launch of the mass voter registration.

Sources in Vigilance House told local media Joho lost his security because they failed to provide intelligence about the governor to authority. Therefore, the plan was to replace them with those willing to spy and play ball with the state.

The governor has moved to a residence at an undisclosed location and hired his own security.

He said the authority branded an innocent man an al Shabaab operative and put a bounty on his head, only to announce he is innocent.

Some Administration Police assigned to guard Joho’s former residence were chased away by the new occupant.

The governor denied involvement in illicit drug trade, saying the state is building a narrative to suit its agenda.

Regional coordinator Nelson Marwa said police are investigating possible links between Joho and alleged illicit drug business by a man said to be his relative, Ibrahim Khatri.