This is the 2019/2020 academic year fees structure of South Eastern Kenya University for self-sponsored students. It’s one of the 31 accredited public universities in Kenya that is located 12 Kilometers off Kwa Vonza Market, along the Kitui-Machakos main road. The university has other campuses namely Kitui Town Campus, Machakos Town Campus, Wote Town Campus and Mtito Andei Campus. Professor Geoffrey M. Muluvi is the current vice chancellor.

It offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across its 8 schools i.e School of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, School of Business and Economics School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Pure and Applied Sciences, School of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Management, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Information & Communication Technology, and the School of Nursing Sciences and Public Health.

Below is a list of undergraduate courses offered at South Eastern Kenya University

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Gender & Development Studies)
  4. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  5. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  6. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
  7. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture)
  8. Bachelor of Science (Dryland Agriculture)
  9. Bachelor of Science (Horticulture)
  10. Bachelor of Science (Range Management)
  11. Bachelor of Science (Dryland Animal Science)
  12. Bachelor of Science (Foods Nutrition and Dietetics)
  13. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management & Entrepreneurship)
  14. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education & Extension)
  15. Bachelor of Science (Hydrology and Water Resources Management)
  16. Bachelor of Science (Fisheries Management and Aquatic Technology)
  17. Bachelor of Science (Applied Aquaculture Sciences)
  18. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
  19. Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science)
  20. Bachelor of Science (Statistics)
  21. Bachelor of Science (Biology )
  22. Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry)
  23. Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
  24. Bachelor of Science (Physics)
  25. Bachelor of Science (Electronics)
  26. Bachelor of Science (Forestry)
  27. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Conservation & Natural Resources Management)
  28. Bachelor of Science (Land Resources Management)
  29. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management)
  30. Bachelor of Science ( Agro-ecosystems and Environmental Management)
  31. Bachelor of Science (Public Health)
  32. Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
  33. Bachelor of Science (Population Health)
  34. Bachelor of Science (Meteorology)
  35. Bachelor of Science (Geology)
  36. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  37. Bachelor of Information Technology
  38. Bachelor of Commerce
  39. Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  40. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  41. Bachelor of Economics
  42. Bachelor of Project Planning & Management
  43. Bachelor of Business & Information Technology
  44. Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology.
  45. Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Sciences

South Eastern Kenya University Fees Structure For Self Sponsored Students per year.

​​ Course​​ Fees Structure Per Year
​​ School of Nursing Sciences and Public Health
​​ Bachelor of Science in Public Health​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Population Health​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Medical Botany​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Nursing​​ 202,455
​​ School of Pure and Applied Sciences
​​ Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Statistics​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Mathematics​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Chemistry​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Physics​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Biology​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Electronics​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology​​ 84,000
​​ School of Business and Economics
​​ Bachelor of Economics​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Economics and Statistics​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Project Planning and Management​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Business and Information Technology (BBIT)​​ 72,000
​​ School of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
​​ Bachelor of Science in Agriculture​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Dryland Agriculture​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Dryland Animal Science​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Range Management​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition & Dietetics​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Horticulture​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management and entrepreneurship​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension​​ 84,000
​​ School of Information and Communication Technology
​​ Bachelor of Science in Computer Science​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)​​ 84,000
​​ School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
​​ Bachelor of Arts in Social Work​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development Studies​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Arts in Criminology​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Arts (Specializing in ONE or TWO of the following disciplines:- Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Geography, History, Kiswahili , English, Literature).​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Education (Arts):- (English and Literature, Kiswahili, History, Christian Religious Education, Geography, Business Studies, Mathematics)​​ ​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)​​ ​​ 72,000
​​ Bachelor of Education (Science)​​ 84,000
​​ School of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
​​ Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Environmental management​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Land Resources Management​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Forestry​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Hydrology and Water Resources Management​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Technology​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Science​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Geology​​ 84,000
​​ Bachelor of Science in Meteorology​​ 84,000

Please note that the fees are subject to change. Contact the school using the avenues below for fee policies and payments.

Phone: +254 748 60 59 96