Dr Evans Kidero is the SMARTEST Human being I have ever Known.

He signed a contract with Creative Consolidates Ltd to do garbage Collections for three years beginning 2017 to 2020.

He also signed a contract with eJiji Pay to Collect Revenue for three years between 2017 to 2020.

The biggest business in the County of Nairobi is Garbage and Revenue collection;
Kidero will be in charge at least for the next three years.

Sonko has come in with the SRT;
with 50 brand new trucks to collect litter hopefully they will advertise the tender and the company that owns those trucks will win the tender;
Assuming this happens The Tender between NCC and Creative Consolidates still stands
But if the County breaches the contract, it will pay for it dearly.

Very few People understand what happens in eJijiPay…..
It will need a serious forensic audit for a layman to understand what goes on there….

Sonko is literally at the mercy of Kidero for at least 4years before he puts up his structures.

That is what was revealed just after a day in office!!!
So after a month we might realize there is Nothing in this County.

Other Big business are
The county Toilets;
The land on which they stand on is owned by the county Govt;
Most of them were built by the National Govt and World Bank but they are owned by Maina Kamanda.

A County Cartel Manenos Episode One
‘This is unsubstantiated’ Riziki Kunene
Evans Kidero’s Lawyer is Prof Ojienda.
Some More popcorns please