Social Media Policies

Sande Kennedy;

  • Social media is today seen as the most effective information and communication medium of the future.
  • According to the 100th anniversary vision, Sande Kennedy plans to develop a worthy concept on social and new media networks.
  • Sande Kennedy attaches great importance to its employees to use and follow social media.
  • Employees must use social media with precision and give great importance to it.
  • Sande Kennedy expects its employees to raise their knowledge and experience to the utmost level aside from being aware of all developments in the world by using these networks in the most effective way.
  • Sande Kennedy ’s employees should have a high level of knowledge and experience and information about developments in the world using social media.
  • Sande Kennedy believes all employees must add “value” and “difference” to the future media world, with its long-standing past and great goals for the future.
  • Sande Kennedy ’s “News Release Policy” is a complementary element and every employee must adhere to its criteria.

Sande Kennedy Employees;

  • Employees must express clearly their affiliation with the Sande Kennedy in their social media accounts.
  • The employees should adapt the required seriousness of the Sande Kennedy and their profession in all their sharing on social media.
  • They should include the agency’s website in their posts to contribute to the promotion of the Agency’s brand.
  • Before sharing the agency’s unpublished stories on the social media, the employee must take permission from the competent editor.
  • The employees must ask for the permission of the relevant editor for writing a news story on materials shared by users of social media that are out of the name lists, addresses and framework determined by the management of Sande Kennedy .
  • The employees must stay away from news, photographs, visual materials, opinions, comments that may hurt the Sande Kennedy ‘s impartiality, reliability and accuracy, put a shadow on its corporate unity, or result in material and non-material damages.
  • Sande Kennedy ’s impartiality, reliability and accuracy determine the integrity and quality of its products.
  • The employees cannot make a subject of news the visual content in the social media unless the issue of the authors’ royalties is not resolved.

In their sharing in social media;

  • they may not include any statement, sound, confidential information and documents about visuals to humiliate, offend or target any person, corporation, faith, race, gender, culture which is against the Sande Kennedy ‘s publication policy.
  • They will not be a tool to promote violence, spread fear, and be a part of sharing that may lead to traumas, hurt the principles of equality and justice, humiliate human dignity and encourage discrimination.
  • Do not participate in any political propaganda of any nature.
  • Any news or information should not be published in personal accounts, if Sande Kennedy ’s official accounts have not yet published it.

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