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Supplyia is a reliable, trustworthy China sourcing company. They support small businesses that find it hard to find suitable suppliers at a reasonable cost and avoid all kinds of risks.

It was founded to help people have a risk-free importing experience to get the best products from China since 2013. They aim to eliminate the issues of handling inventories so that businesses can focus on growing.

The Founder Words to You:

Hi, I’m Yixiao Zhang, the cofounder of Supplyia. Supplyia sourcing is a deep network of 200+ trusted manufacturers in China, we provide companies across the world with a trustworthy channel into China for their sourcing needs especially in jewelry, clothing, commodity catalog.
What’s our difference with others?
We offer 7×24 service, because we know response time is essential to business, especially to international business.
We offer first product FREE TRIAL service, it means that we can source the first product for free, so you don’t have any risk, and it’s a good starting for our cooperation.
If you are planning to import from China, please feel free to contact us

Source https://www.bansarchina.com/china-sourcing-agents/

If you are an Amazon seller and need to import your goods from China, then you need to ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA.

It can be really difficult especially you are new to importing from China.

So read our Ultimate FAQ Guide to get the benefit.

This is a FAQ guide for you to save cost and time, if you can not find the answer to your problem, do drop me an email, I will be there and wait for you.

How do I ship from China to FBA?

Shipping from China

There are three ways to ship from China to Amazon FBA.

You can choose to ship from China directly to Amazon’s FBA.

This method is cost-effective and quicker than other options.

On the other hand, you can choose to ship to your home or use a middleman for inspection before shipping to Amazon.

This way you can ensure and guarantee that your products meet Amazon’s strict quality requirement.

Can I ship directly from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

Yes, you can but can be very risky at times.

This is because of the uncertainty on the quality of the products which may not satisfy Amazon’s quality requirement.

So, you need to make sure your supplier satisfies all the quality requirements of Amazon before sending your products to Amazon to avoid rejection.

How much does it cost to ship to Amazon FBA?

The FBA charges two kinds of fees; Fulfillment fees and inventory fees.

Fulfillment fees prices range from $2.41 to $5 for standard size products while oversize fees range from $8.26 to $137.32 for small & special oversized products.

This fee covers all the handling, packaging, shipping of a product.

On the other hand, Inventory fees are charged monthly for warehousing.

Amazon FBA inventory fees for warehousing of standard size products range from $0.69 – $2.49 for every cube foot while oversize products warehousing is surprisingly cheaper with prices ranging from $0.48- $1.20.

How long does it take for Amazon to ship from China?

Cost of Shipping-1

 Shipping to Amazon FBA

It takes 4 – 40 days, depending on the means of transportation.

If you use the express shipping method, it takes 4-7 days, while the Airfreight option takes longer and the sea freight usually takes 25-40 days.

Where do I ship my FBA inventory?

FBA Inventory

Sending Inventory on Amazon Dashboard

You ship to Amazon fulfillment center or warehouse.

To do this, you need to create a shipping order and here are some of the steps;

Go to your Amazon seller dashboard, check under the Inventory tab and click on the “manage FBA inventory.”

Then, click the checkbox to the left of your product listing and look for the “Action on 1 selected” and then click on the select “Send/Replenish Inventory.”

Proceed by clicking on “continue to shipping plan,” and after you’ve packaged and labeled your product according to Amazon requirement, you can complete shipment.

Can I ship my own products on Amazon?

Yes, you can if you use the Fulfilled by Merchant option (FBM) for your products fulfillment and shipment.

This means you handle everything involving your product.

How are Amazon storage fees calculated?

They are calculated based on a per cubic foot space, but Amazon reserves the right to determine the cubic feet your product occupies and in case of conflict; the Amazon law overrules all.

However, there is a monthly fee for the two types of products; standard product monthly price charge range from ($0.69 – $2.49 ) while oversized products monthly price charge range from $0.48- $1.20.

There is also an extra charge charged on products that have stayed at the fulfillment centers for over 180 days.

How do I ship goods to Amazon FBA in the UK from China?

There are three ways to ship goods to Amazon FBA UK from China; courier, air freight, and sea freight.

For smaller packages, it is advisable to use the courier service.

For bulk goods, sea freight is your best option, but it takes longer while the air freight is quicker but expensive.

Should I choose FBA or drop shipping?


FBA or Drop Shipping

For beginners, you should start with dropshipping as the cost of investment and risk lower as compared to Amazon.

However, if you are a seasoned seller, you might want to choose Amazon as the audience, and the profit margin is more significant than drop shipping.

Cost of shipping from China to Amazon FBA USA?

Amazon FBA1

Shipping From China to Amazon FBA USA

Depending on which means of transport and the size of the product, it could cost as low as $2 for a standard product and as high $137 for an oversize product,

Combined with the means of transportation, the cost of shipping through Airfreight could be as high as $4000 while sea freight which is the cheapest cost around $1200.

How much does it cost to ship 3CBM (~100lbs) from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA, and what is the easiest way?

Depending on the means of transportation, it could cost around $200 – $530.

To calculate this, you could use the shipping forwarder calculator.

How much does air shipping to Amazon FBA cost?

Airfreight is quite expensive, and it could cost as high as $4,000.

Air shipping weight calculation is calculated by multiplying the Height, Width, and Length divided by 6,000.

 How do you Send Inventory to FBA as a Non-US resident?

To send Inventory to FBA as a non-us resident, you need to have an Amazon account and enroll in the FBA program.

To do this, you need to have a business registered in the United States using a registered Agent.

Also, the business should have a legal address as well as a FEIN with the IRS.

What is Amazon FBA Private Label?

Amazon Private Label

Amazon Private Label

Amazon FBA private label is a product not manufactured for a seller by a manufacturer but sold under the brand label of the seller’s company and fulfilled by Amazon.

 How to save money shipping to Amazon FBA?

One significant way to save money shipping to Amazon FBA is to ship from the manufacturer to Amazon via sea freight.

It eliminates middlemen/agent fees although you have to pay the Amazon freight forwarder to help you get a customs broker and break your shipments.

How to track your shipping from China to Amazon FBA


Tracking your Shipping

Depending on what means of transportation used to ship your product, you can either visit the website of the sea or airline company.


 Tracking your shipping by Air

Then, input details like the tracking number of your air waybill on the airline’s website while in the case of sea shipping companies,

Tracking 3 Shipping

Tracking your shipping by Sea

 you input such information like your Shipping Company Name, Container Number, B/L( Bill of Lading) Number or Vessel Booking Number according to your shipping company request.

How to send stock directly from China to Amazon Fulfillment centers?

Amazon Fulfillment Centre

 Amazon Fulfillment Centre

You can send stock directly using a freight forwarder or shipping companies that specialize in sending stock to FBA.

They help cover custom clearance, shipping, and delivery to Amazon Fulfillment centers, but you must make sure that your products are well prepared, packaged, and labeled according to Amazon’s specification.

How to choose forwarder in China for Amazon Delivery?

Image of businessman holding tablet ,Growing business concept on Global network coverage world map , Logistic Import Export background (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

Choosing a freight forwarder

To choose a forwarder to facilitate successful delivery of your product to an Amazon fulfillment center, you need to pick a helpful forwarder who can maintain communication, has knowledge of the Amazon business, and most importantly has a warehouse.

What are the significant risks for Amazon sellers shipping from China?

Some of the major risks for amazon sellers shipping from China include but are not restricted to; Ban by Amazon due to failure to meet quality guidelines, fake or counterfeit goods, lousy customer reviews, etc.

What shipping company do you use for shipping from China to Amazon?

Any shipping company certified by Amazon FBA with excellent customer service.

Shipping goods from China to Amazon warehouse is an easy process as long as you provide to the Amazon warehouse the tracking numbers. However, if the goods that need to be shipped through Amazon fulfillment centers using their carriers, then the Amazon-generated shipping labels will also include the tracking numbers needed. After a shipment is cleared through the US customs, importers are required to plan appointments with the Amazon warehouse and keep updating them on the delivery timetable. This appointment is necessary, though it takes 2-7 days to confirm after a request has been made and thus cannot be charged before they are confirmed.

However, there is still another way of shipping your goods directly from China to Amazon, and this method has its procedures:


An importer record must be used as Amazon will not act as your IOR. As a result, the importer will be therefore liable for all cost incurred during shipping, risks as well as any compliance that might be linked with the shipping.


The importer has to import first into the US and then make arrangement for all freights, customs duties and clearance paid up to Amazon’s receipt of the shipped package. This means that the importer has to use the DDP terms of sale.


Amazon becomes the ultimate consignee on the shipping documents as long as it is listed as the care of (c/O) party. A bill of lading (BOL) is a necessity for every shipment sent to Amazon; it should be sent together with the shipment product and also be provided to the carrier. The bill of landing number should be included on the pallet label for quick freight verification once the goods are delivered to the shipment center.

The following are the details that need to be included in the Bill of Landing.

· Amazon shipment and reference ID

· Seller name

· vendor address

· Carrier SCAC code and name

· Seller’s legal name

· Carrier’s shipping reference number

· Unit quantity and quantity type

· Marking i.e. seal number of the shipment container.

A delivery appointment with the Amazon warehouse should be requested by the freight carrier before delivery, and this process also requires the Bill of landing details. Failure to provide the Bill of landing information may result in shipment delays or even refusal by the warehouse to receive the shipment.

Moreover, it is crucial to maintaining the levels of supply in the Amazon warehouse. At Amazon, vendors with the similar products are given higher priorities as effective monitoring is done on each vendor’s stock if a vendor runs out of stock for popular products, Amazon has the right to request the competing vendors to carry those products onward. Importers are therefore required to negotiate the delivery duty paid terms since everything connected to costs is settled before shipment delivery is done at Amazon warehouse. This eradicates delay worries from both the importer and the shipper that could emerge from clearances and paperwork. The federal law requires that all goods should have a mark of country origin. For instance, good being imported from China should have a “made in China’ mark. The marks should be permanent and legible to enable the purchasers quickly recognize their origin.

Please contact us(China procurement agent)  If the above introduction is still not clear. China Purchasing agent will help you to purchase products from China to Amazon warehouse and provide you with one-stop service.