Today, i am very, very mad. Pissed to the core of my being!

Last year at around April, I was in the library preparing for exams when I received a text message from Douglas Omache saying, “maze Dante ametuacha.”

Now, Dante was like a small brother to me. A person I knew very well since my primary school days at Mariakani Primary in South B. He was Daggy’s (my brother) classmate and best friend so they spent literary all their time together.

They also went to the same high school which strengthened their friendship and at the time of Dante’s death they were both working at those boutiques behind Nation Centre.

On the day he met his untimely demise, he had left work in the evening as usual. Boarded a number 11 matatu for South B but somewhere near Matter Hospital, he got an accident and was rushed to The Matter Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

It was very, very sad. First because Dante was his mother’s only son. And we all know how dear sons are to their mothers. That lady was totally distraught when she saw her sons lifeless body on that hospital bed. Am told her reaction made even the nurses on duty to break down in tears.

Second, Dante was married and had a son. A very handsome little boy called Gabu. His wife asking how he will bring up his son without him pierces my heart to date. To say the least, Dan’s death left behind immeasurable pain.

Today, some lazy journalist decided to bring back that pain by splashing Dante’s photo on his story calling him a “dangerous teenage gangster”.


Dan was never a criminal.

And he was not shot dead.

To Standard Group and the lazy idiot behind the story, you are very lucky.

You are lucky because Dante’s mother will not sue you. She is too poor to afford it.

Also, no hash tags will trend to force you to apologise because, again, Dante’s mother is too poor to pay bloggers.

But if by some stroke of luck this gets to you, know that you have caused that poor family that is still struggling to get to terms with the loss of their only son immeasurable pain.

For Christ sake, be responsible in your journalism and at least leave your chairs and RESEARCH!