Seven Pakistan nationals previously accused of tax evasion have been charged afresh with engaging in unlawful employment.

Ramesh Kumar, Kumar Manosh, Nakash Nakash, Karan Kumar, Boja Tharo, Kumar Haresh and Kumar Sunil were all charged with working without permits at three companies.

Manosh is said to have worked as an accountant at Kohistan Kenya limited without a licence.

Nakash and Haresh were accused of working as a marketing manager and a salesman respectively at Kumar Emkei Global Limited.

Karan and Sunil allegedly served as managers at Global View International while Tharo is said to have worked as a manager at Kine African Limited.

Kumar was also charged with working at Ramesh Kumar and Commodities Limited as a director without having a permit.

They all denied the charges and were released on Sh200,000 bond each.

Principal Magistrate Martin Rabera set the hearing for May 4.

The new charges were preferred after a month of investigations by police.

The seven were 11 foreigners people linked to terrorism and tax evasion. The others were deported to Pakistan after pleading guilty to the charges.

The investigations came amid complaints by local companies that accused the foreigners of using the local market as a dumping ground for cheap Pakistan rice.

The traders held that the situation has denied the country revenue and fair-ground for operations.