The science community have concluded a 12 year research that finally puts to rest the controversy on casual sex. Actually, science had all along observed that casual sex is good for health but consistent attacks from religious groups led to a near decade study which has finally concluded the matter.

Have causal sex. Some four reasons for it.

  1. 1. It’s liberating

    This might come as a surprise but people who have engaged in casual S3@.x:’ will tell you that it can be very freeing. Knowing that all you have to focus on at that point in time is simply your S3@.x:’ual pleasure can make you less anxious. Since this is with someone you will not be having a relationship with, you are not too concerned about how he/she sees you and how to impress him/her. You simply just want to get off, then get off.

    2. It can boost confidence

    There is nothing that boosts self esteem as much as knowing you are so are extremely desired at a certain point in time. You feel confident and attractive. If you have just had a bad day orgoing through a break up, a one night stand can be the perfect pick-me-up you need to remind yourself that you are still worthy.

    3. It is exciting

    Needless to say, a one night stand can be extremely exhilarating. This excitement can cause you to be more turned on than you have ever imagined and for women, these can increase the likelihood of org.@$m.

    4. It is a memorable experience

    Even if you engage in casual S3@.x:’ just once, it is one S3@.x:’ual experience you will probably never forget. You can look back and remind yourself that you are an adventurous S3@.x:’ual being.