Internet Settings

Handset Setup

  1. Get internet settings by dialing *445# or sending a blank text to 445 – then save / install / apply content received and then restart your phone

Manual settings

Default data Settings:

  1. Connection Name: Safaricom Internet
  2. APN: safaricom
  3. Username: saf
  4. Password: data

For content requiring Proxy filter e.g. WAP devices, add the below:

  1. Proxy/Gateway address:
  2. Proxy Port: 8080 for HTTP or 9201 for WAP
  3. Authentication type – Normal or PAP/CHAP

Are you having issues with your Safaricom internet settings? Most people encounter difficulties in configuring internet services on their devices especially with the use of a new sim card. This is especially true if you want to replace your old sim card with a new one that has Safaricom 4g internet settings. Lucky for you, fixing this issue is as simple as a, b, c. Find our guide for setting up your internet on your phone, tablet, or modem to enjoy Safaricom data services.

To get Safaricom settings on your new SIM card dial *445# or send a blank message to 445. After doing this, you will receive a prompt with Safaricom internet settings which you should save, install, or apply and then switch off or restart your phone. If you switched off your phone, the next step is to switch on your phone and you will be ready to ‘Pepea Na internet mkononi na Safaricom’.

I. How to manually configure Safaricom internet settings on Android

To modify the APN settings on your Android phone or tablet, you will the steps below. Note that the names might differ depending on what android version you are using on your device as well as the manufacturer.

On your phone, click on the settings icon

Followed by wireless & networks

Then press the mobile networks.

Click on the Access point names.

On the menu button, tap on new APN and then enter the following. Connection name: Safaricom Internet

APN: safaricom

Proxy: leave it blank

Port: Leave it blank

Username: saf

Password: data

In case you require proxy filter when using WAP devices, then add the following as well.

7. Proxy/Gateway address:

8. Proxy Port: 8080 for HTTP or 9201 for WAP

9. Authentication type – Normal or PAP/CHAP

10. Tap on the menu and click save. Next return to the home page and at this point your device has already been configured and ready for use

To configure settings for MMS, you will need to repeat the same procedure again even though it is also possible to fill the information all at once. For some devices, you are able to click on an existing APN and edit it while for some it is not possible. Use this method to configure Safaricom APN settings for older phones.

Account Name: Safaricom GPRS

Homepage: or any other mobile URL you prefer. Username: saf

Password: data.

For Access Point Settings choose;

5. Proxy: disable 6. Data: leave blank

7. Bearer: GPRS 8. For bearer settings use;

9. I.P address:

10. Port: 8080

11. Apn/Gateway: Safaricom

12. Authentication type: normal

II. Safaricom data settings- for iOS For most iPhone or iPads

, New Safaricom APN settings will be automatically be detected when you use a new SIM line. If you fail to get this settings, try and remove the SIM and put it back. If that does not work use the short code *445# and send a blank text or dial it on the device. This should work and you will get the internet settings straight to the phone. Click on save and your device is ready for use. For manual configuration of APN settings on your iPhone or iPad, do the following.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to the menu and click on settings

Then go to general settings then network.

Type in the information as needed

Access point name; safaricom

Username; saf

Password: data

Note that you should turn off the WIFI option while doing this

III. Safaricom internet settings for modem

When you want to use internet on your computer, you can either use a Safaricom modem or a Safaricom internet box. Both options require the use of a SIM card and need internet configuration to work. For a modem, use the short code *445# to get internet settings just like we mentioned earlier on in the article. For manual settings for the modem, use the following;

Modem setting profile name: Safaricom

Tap on static

Access point (APN): safaricom

Access number: *99#

Username: saf

Pass: data

For APN settings, use the following set up

Name: Safaricom

APN: safaricom


Port: 8080

Username: saf

Password: data



MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: leave blank

MCC: leave blank

MNC: leave blank

Authentication Type: leave blank

APN Type: leave blank

APN Protocol: leave blank

APN Roaming Protocol: leave blank

For unlimited internet, get a Safaricom router and enjoy wireless internet to all your devices including phones, smart TV, and computer.