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Buying Data Bundles Online

Accessing the site is absolutely FREE when connected using a Safaricom line. To access the service, plug in your Safaricom modem into your computer, input your PIN number (if you have activated PIN), click on connect, go to your Web browser and type For iPad and Tablets, simply go to your browser and access the website.

The following services will be accessible from the site:

  • PrePay Data Bundles
  • Data bundle purchase
  • Data bundle balance
  • Data bundle balance expiry display
  • Airtime top-up
  • Airtime balance display
  • Top-up of another number (Airtime) 
  • PostPay Data Bundles
  • Bundle purchase for your own number only
  • Bundle balance display

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Buying Bundles With M-PESA

You can purchase your Internet bundles anytime and pay for them via your M-PESA account in a few simple steps.

You no longer need to call the Call Centre for assistance on Bonga Pin to purchase internet bundles. Set your Universal pin today and easily purchase ANY internet bundle via M-PESA EXCEPT for the Daily Internet Bundles.

Here is all you need to know:

  • The Bonga PIN which was used to authenticate your transaction before deducting money from your M-PESA account will now be replaced by a new Universal PIN.
  • You will be able to set your own Universal Pin for the purchase of bundles through M-PESA.
  • If you forget your Universal PIN it will be automatically prompted through simple instructions.
  • The Universal PIN will only be used for the purchase of bundles through M-PESA.
  • Set your Universal pin now and conveniently purchase internet bundles.

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Data Extension

Keep your Data flowing past its expiry date. Extend the validity of your bundles by buying new bundles before your data plan expires. You can roll over 7 day, 30 day and 90 day bundles with the longest validity being assumed (the furthest expiry date).

To know whether your bundles are almost expiring, dial *544# and select check bundle balance. This will show you the bundle expiry date.

You may also visit and check the expiry on your data bundle balance section.

We will send you a notification 48 hours before the bundle expires informing you about the expiry of the internet bundle.Get answers for Data Extension and everything Safaricom.Want to find out your data validity?CLICK HERE

Okoa Bundles

Keep on chatting and enjoying the internet anytime, anywhere with Okoa Bundles. It allows you, as a Prepay customer, to request for data bundles in advance and pay for them later. 

To qualify for Okoa Bundles you need to have:

  • Used a similar amount of airtime to what you are requesting for in the previous week.
  • Your mobile number must have been active on Safaricom network for at least 6 months.

New Okoa Bundles Offers

Okoa Internet Bundle (MB)Service Fee (Ksh)Charge (Ksh)Total Amount (Repayment) (KSHs.)Airtime Spend For The Previous Week (KSHs.)
450 MB + Free WhatsApp10.0090.0099.00100.00
120 MB+ Free WhatsApp5.0045.0050.0050.00
45 MB + Free WhatsApp2.0018.0020.0020.00
10 MB1.009.0010.0010.00
5 MB0.

Don’t miss the online fun, dial *544*6# to Okoa Bundles.

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