Rwanda – Animal Dedigree (History) Certificate

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3) Type of service: Provision of animal pedigree certificates. What is the service? Am I eligible? Provision of a certificate that verifies your animal’s family history.


  1. To obtain a animal dedigree certificate, you would have to approach the RAB headquaters or the zonal offices who can provide you with information. Contact information related to offices are provided under the Office Locations & Contacts section of this page.
  2. Make sure you have the birth certificate of the animal for which you require the dedigree certificate. This should have been provided by your sector veterinarian.
  3. For further information call on this telephone number during office hours : 078 850 6713 , 078 532 4631

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Required Documents

  • Animal birth certificate

Office Locations & Contacts

Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB)
P. O Box 5016 Kigali-Rwanda
Telephone : 0788501785
Toll free: 4675
Location in Map : Map Info

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