Ruto’s down fall has taught me several lessons – That Deputy President William Ruto is an ambitious man who has no qualms about shouting from the rooftops on his presidential ambitions in 2022 is not in doubt.

But like Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology, the self-proclaimed ‘hustler’ is now accused of flying too close to the sun and the wax in his wings is melting, his ambitions having clashed with his boss’s legacy-driven second term plans.

Given the fluidity of Kenyan politics, it is hard to pinpoint where exactly the camaraderie previously enjoyed by the Jubilee duo — they often wore matching shirts and ties — ended, but there is general consensus that it all revolves around the March 2018 Handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Raila Odinga.

DP Ruto opposed the Handshake, calling it a ploy to scuttle his State House ambitions.

Forced to choose between Mr Odinga’s unflinching loyalty and DP Ruto’s unbridled ambition and constant opposition to the Handshake, President Uhuru Kenyatta appears to have not only picked the former, but also moved to deliberately undercut the DP.

“Ruto’s problems started with him thinking that this was a co-presidency. His greed for power is now finishing him,” nominated MP Maina Kamanda said, summarising what he said was the popular opinion in the President’s camp.

  1. However smart you are, don’t try to outshine your boss. Your sympathizers and cheerers must not make you grow horns
  2. Take every advice from your boss as an order. Pretend to be a fool. Don’t defy any advice from your boss, however foolish it may seem to be.
  3. Never show your boss that you are eager to succeed him. Don’t expose your ambition. Exposing your ambition makes your boss unsafe.
  4. If you helped your boss to get to where he is, don’t remind him that. You make him develop a desire to finish you because you are a threat
  5. While you are under the protection of your boss, don’t take that advantage to trumple on other people. Do not be blinded by that protection to make enemies inside and outside.
  6. Whenever your boss delegates to you some power, use it wisely. Don’t show people you are powerful.
  7. Avoid getting into your boss’s back yard (bedroom).
  8. Don’t create parallel loyalists within the establishment. Try as much as possible to rally every one to be loyal to your boss. When the right time comes, the boss will reciprocate by transferring all loyalty to you.
  9. Don’t show your boss that you are endowed with resources. Let him know that you have nothing. Behave as if you are dependable on him
  10. Whenever you are given an opportunity to speak before your boss, say very little. Don’t speak too much and pre empt your boss. Just be a Mike Pence to Donald Trump or Daniel Moi to Jomo Kenyatta